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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WOW, March is here - Endview Plantation

Well, this is my first event of the year, Endview Plantation located in Newport News, Virginia. **pictures coming soon.**

I fell out with the 7th New York Calvary this past weekend. It was a beautiful Saturday, but the rains came in around 8 or so that night and stayed till mid-morning Sunday.

The civilian turn out was great! Far more than was expected, as I wasn't there on Sunday, I can't say how many there were then. Jill and Lynn were great Hosteses and kept their boys fed and watered, not to mention they took care of the horses as well. :D

Cpt Vince Aquino and 1stSgt John Jobe welcomed me as one of their own. Even though I was a Johnny REB. ;) I helped with Breakfast, I made the cinnamon apples that were a hit.

Later that evening, once the civilians fiddled out, we prepared for dinner over an open fire, as breakfast was done that morning. Of course, our supper was Yankee Potroast. I prepared the potatos, Lynn did the carrots, and Jill; once she returned for her ride around the battle field, seared the 4 roasts that were to make the maincourse.

Both Lynn and I also got to take a ride around the battle field and house. What an AWESOME way to end a beautiful day. And yes, I rode astride in my dress. :D **I promise pictures as soon as I have them.**

Until next time ...

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