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Monday, October 30, 2006

Don't close your blinds ...


Don't Close your Blinds! The other day, my nine year old son wanted to know why we were at war. My husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend our Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good explanation. My husband thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our front living room window.

He said "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?"

"I see trees and cars and our neighbor's houses." he replied.

"OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush."

Our son giggled and said "OK."

"Now son, I want you to look out the window and pretend that every house and yard on this block is a different country" my husband said.

"OK Dad, I'm pretending."

"Now I want you to stand there and look out the window and pretend you see Saddam come out of his house with his wife, he has her by the hair and is hitting her. You see her bleeding and crying. He hits her in the face, he throws her on the ground, then he starts to kick her to

Their children run out and are afraid to stop him, they are screaming and crying, they are watching this but do nothing because they are kids and they are afraid of their father.
You see all of this, son....what do you do?"


"What do you do son?"

"I'd call the police, Dad."

"OK. Pretend that the police are the United Nations. They take your call. They listen to what you know and saw but they refuse to help.

What do you do then son?"

"Dad.......... but the police are supposed to help!" My son starts to whine.

"They don't want to son, because they say that it is not their place or your place to get involved and that you should stay out of it," my husband says.

"But Dad...he killed her!!" my son exclaims.

"I know he did...but the police tell you to stay out of it. Now I want you to look out that window and pretend you see our neighbor who you're pretending is Saddam turn around and do the same thing to his children."

"Daddy...he kills them?"

"Yes son, he does. What do you do?"

"Well, if the police don't want to help, I will go and ask my next door neighbor to help me stop him," our son says.

"Son, our next door neighbor sees what is happening and refuses to get involved as well. He refuses to open the door and help you stop him," my husband says.

"But Dad, I NEED help!!! I can't stop him by myself!!"

"WHAT DO YOU DO SON?" Our son starts to cry.

"OK, no one wants to help you, the man across the street saw you ask for help and saw that no one would help you stop him. He stands taller and puffs out his chest. Guess what he does next son?"

"What Daddy?"

"He walks across the street to the old ladies house and breaks down her door and drags her out, steals all her stuff and sets her house on fire and then...he kills her. He turns around and sees you standing in the window and laughs at you. WHAT DO YOU DO?"



Our son is crying and he looks down and he whispers, "I'd close the blinds, Daddy."

My husband looks at our son with tears in his eyes and asks him.


"Because Daddy.....the police are supposed to help people who needs them...and they won't help.... You always say that neighbors are supposed to HELP neighbors, but they won't help either...they won't help me stop him...I'm afraid....I can't do it by myself Daddy.....I can't
look out my window and just watch him do all these terrible things'm just going to close the I can't see what he's doing........and I'm going to pretend that it is not happening."

I start to cry. My husband looks at our nine year old son standing in the window, looking pitiful and ashamed at his answers to my husband's questions and he says...


"Yes, Daddy."

"Open the blinds because that man.... he's at your front door... "WHAT DO YOU DO?"

My son looks at his father, anger and defiance in his eyes. He balls up his tiny fists and looks his father square in the eyes, without hesitation he says: " I DEFEND MY FAMILY DAD!! I'M NOT GONNA LET HIM HURT MOMMY OR MY SISTER, DAD!!! I'M GONNA FIGHT HIM, DAD, I'M GONNA FIGHT HIM!!!!!"

I see a tear roll down my husband's cheek and he grabs our son to his chest and hugs him tight, and says... " It's too late to fight him, he's too strong and he's already at YOUR front door should have stopped him BEFORE he killed his wife, and his children and the old
Lady across the way. You have to do what's right, even if you have to do it alone, before its too late." my husband whispers. THAT scenario I just gave you is WHY we are at war with Iraq. When good men stand by and let evil happen son, THAT is the greatest atrocity in the world.


This should be printed in every newspaper and posted in every school In America. Of course that won't happen so we'll use the internet. If your blinds are closed do nothing with this email. If they are open I do not need to tell you what to do.


Steven R Chandler, CMSgt
332 ELRS/Vehicle Management Flight Balad Air Base, Iraq

Holla Back New York City - If You Can't Slap 'Em, Snap 'Em!

Holla Back New York City - If You Can't Slap 'Em, Snap 'Em!

Sure the hello wish more women would empower themselves and Holla Back.

Monday, October 23, 2006

What a Fabulous Weekend

WOW! I had a spectacular weekend! The weather held out and was beautiful both Saturday and Sunday.

I got some sun on Saturday while attending the Internationl Gold Cup. That was fun and am already making plans to attend the Virginia Gold Cup in May with a little tailgating. We watched 3 of the 5 races (I believe there were a total of 5), we saw the US Navel Seals jump in to open the day. Walked Vendors row and I tried on a few pieces of jewelry, WOW! At one point, I was sporting about $8,000 worth of jewelry. This Beautiful Tamaline(sp) Rainbow ring that was 10c and a heart shaped amathyst bracelet that was enormous, but beautiful.

I started the day having my hair put up instead of sporting a hat that day. Which is the posh thing to do on Member's Hill. But not everyone was wearing them. So, I wasn't too far out of the norm.

We finished out the evening with a surprise 60's birthday for Joe's stepdad. What a great group of older people and they could drink better than any young person I know. lolol

Sunday was the last day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, we went, and I didn't dress, and everyone noticed. LOL It was the Day of Wrong, so Halloween abounded that day. There were the Mattrix crowd, Star Wars was there, you has your Prisoner and SWAT guy, and those were just the ones that stood out. The amount of flesh on display that day was incrediable. I put on a corset, working on my garb for next year, and I ended up with a small crowd of men watching as the wench had me lean up against the post and she tightened the thing. Talk about posture correcting! LOLOL Had several nice looking gentlemen offer to buy it if that was all I wear that day. LOL I couldn't help but to blush and gratefully decline.

What a weekend! I ended it by talking to my nephew in Alaska. He said my nickname and told me what sounds a dog, cat, monkey, cow, and duck say. I so miss him dearly and can't wait till he and my sister and bil return home to this contentient.

Have a great week!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bullying - CL 4914 Sound Familiar?

Bullying involves the torment of others through verbal Harassment, physical assult (not really revalant in this case as they are too skeerd to venture out and face anyone), or other more subtle methods of Coercion such as Manipulation (oh oh, pick me over her or I'll have you banned by Craig).

Bullying contains four essential elements:

1) the behavior is aggressive and negative;
2) the behavior is carried out repeatedly; and
3) the behavior is purposeful

Bullying is broken into two categories:

1) Direct bullying(neither have the guts to behave this way in public and in front of the person they are directing their actions at.)
2) Indirect bullying, also known as social aggression

Social aggression or indirect bullying is most common to FEMALE bullies and YOUNG CHILDREN (which is exactly what KH and Woody are), and is characterized by forcing the victim into social isolation (this is why they hate me so and continue to stalk and harass me, I refuse to go quietly into the night). This isolation is achieved through a wide variety of techniques, including:

1) spreading gossip
2) refusing to socialize with the victim
3) bullying other people who wish to socialize with the victim (this one backfired on deal ole Woody)
4) criticizing the victim's manner of dress and other socially-significant markers (including the victim's race, religion, disability, etc). **Don't forget family, low lifes with little to do will attack your family because they can't get to you.**

Research indicates that adults who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control or dominate. It has also been suggested that a deficit in social skills and a prejudicial view of subordinates can be particular risk factors.

Further studies have shown that while envy and resentment may be motives for bullying, there is evidence that suggests bullies suffer from a deficit in self esteem.

Types of Serial Bully

The attention seeker: *not sure, but this could be Woody*
Motivation: to be the centre of attention
Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissistic
Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high

The Wannabe: *sounds to me like they nailed KH w/this one*
Motivation: craves respect for being competent and professional despite lacking in competence and professionalism
Mindset: deceptive
Malice: low to medium; when held accountable, medium to high

The Guru:
Motivation: task focused
Mindset: confusion, inability to understand how others think and feel
Malice: zero to low; when held accountable, low to medium (it's often the absence of malice that identifies a guru type of serial bully) but could be medium to high if narcissistic or psychopathic traits are present

The Socialised Psychopath or Sociopath: *Sounds about right for Woody*
Motivation: power, gratification, personal gain, survival
Mindset: manipulation, deception, evil
Malice: high to very high; when held accountable, off the scale

Fighting back:

It is generally accepted that, once under attack, fighting back may be the only means the victim has to defend themselves. Though other sources discourage this approach.

Bullying often takes the form of trying to provoke the target into fighting back so that the bully can claim to be the victimised party and only acting in self defence. This last statement couldn't have been more correct about the actions taken by Woody and KH.

They will continue to see nothing wrong with their own behavior and those who continue to stand their ground are the abusers and the cowards.

Stalking is a legal term for repeated harassment or other forms of invasion of a person's privacy. Statutes vary between jurisdiction but may include such acts as:

- repeated following; *CL Forums*
- unwanted contact (by letter or other means of communication); *trolling my blog repeatedly hoping for some sort of acknowledgement*
- observing a person's actions closely for an extended period of time; or
contacting family members, friends, or associates of a target inappropriately
cyberstalking. *Woody harassing my former employer with phone calls and emails*

Cowardice may be considered to be prudence that does not take consequences to their furthest extent. Someone who attacks a person is also considered a coward. *both Woody and KH at this stage of the game*

The word "coward" comes from an Old French word coart, a combination of the word for "tail" and an agent noun suffix. It would therefore have meant "one with a tail" — perhaps one in the habit of turning it, or it may be derived from a dog's habit of tucking its tail between its legs when it is afraid.

Unpleasant and Miserable People

Ever deal with someone who turns out to be so unpleasant they make the entire experience of knowing them miserable? Make you wish you'd never encountered them, never been nice to them initially, or wishing that you'd never even bothered to acknowledge their exsistance?

Ever try to distance yourself from that person only to find them sitting on your doorstep (chat forum or blog site) just waiting to annoy you, curse you, and berate you for for something they construe to be against them?

This person continues to demand an apology from you and you haven't done anything to them, or you've apologized previously and they so conveniently missed it? You aren't waiting for them, you aren't thinking of them, you aren't even associating with them any longer, yet they continue to harass and stalk you, all the while demanding an apology for your actions?

This is the type of person who uses foul language either directed at you or referring to you all the time, and will name call because they lack the intelligence of finding another solution to the problem. They see you as the problem, not them, not their actions leading up to, or the fact that they've gone out of their way to behave in such a manner and do so publically, yet you are still the problem.

This person can't get over the past, can't let go and refuses to leave you be?

I am currently dealing with just such an imature individual. She continue to hound my blog, trolling the MODERATED comments in hopes that I'll acknowledge her existance by allowing just one single comment through.

She stalks me on a mutual forum, having my handle deleted, accusing other's of being me when actually, I don't even waste time with her any longer. Now, I know what you are thinking, why not just leave that particular forum. Why indeed, I have good friends there; wonderfully funny, friendly, and super awesome friends there. I'd hate to have to give up something I enjoy because someone can't let go?

Well, just a little vent for the day. I'm looking forward to a wonderfully beautiful weekend at the International Gold Cup here in Virginia. A surprise Birthday party for a relative Saturday evening and the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Sunday with friends. Should make for a relaxing and fun filled weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2006

FAKE Federal Investigation Threat!!!!

I hate to inform the two individuals, who soo whole heartedly believe that I've been investigated by the Federal Government, that one or both of you have been duped! Or lied too, or spewed lies!!

In working with both the ONE single Staffing Agency I've worked with for the last 4.5 yrs and the Contractor who hired me for the Government Position, neither the HR or Legal departments for both companies EVER RECEIVED A REQUEST FOR EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION or any other requests for my work history with the companies.

I've forwarded to them copies of the posts made by which ever one of you made them and I've also provided both your names and at least 1 address w/phone number and the other's IP address and State in which you live.

Needless to say, they aren't happy about being slandered. I hope you hear from them soon! And I hope you get everything you deserve! Have a nice life, however it turns out.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is Hysterical! I'm being TROLLED

What part of moderated comments don't you get? And I'm the one being infantile? LMAO! 18 posts in the last 15 minutes or more. Sounds to me like someone has a serious attachment issue.

Poor thing! I bet your family is lonely. You are just as guilty as I am. Don't think either you or Woody would come out of this unscathed.

You see FEAR, I see an unwillingness to Bend!

You will not get the best of me! You are nothing to me, therefore warrant NO APOLOGY! You will never get an apology from me! Nor will Woody! Troll my Blog all you want, it takes 2 steps to get rid of you! 'Check & Reject' Simple as that! I love it!

And you see me with a problem. Who's trolling someone elses Blog? How sad you are! I do feel sorry for you! But that is as far as it goes!

To Think I'd ever post anything from you!

Silly B*tch! You are the one with a problem! As for my financial ability to file a lawsuit; oh I have the money, I have the money and the support of Family should I need theirs too! And hiding I am not! I will file a lawsuit and I will be heard!

I've already spoken with both the Temp Agency and the Contractor I worked for, their Legal departments are involved now! Both you and Woody will reap what you have sewn here! They aren't happy about having their names associated with this stipud crap!

As for your investigator, why not email his contact infor to me? If he truly exsists, I wonder what his Director would say should he have made false statements and produced false documents. I'd like proof you aren't just spewing crap. Which is more likely than not at this point.

You can call me anything you want, especially if it helps you feel better about yourself. Frankly, I'm growning truly tired of your ignorance. And I'm beginning to believe that Woody has actually stepped back from all this. Trying to distance herself, or maybe, she's wised up!

Continue to post here, just not this, it will never make it. Call me scared, coward, what ever helps you to sleep at night. You are nothing to me! And I won't be taunted anymore by you!

Blind and Niave! This is killing me! I'm dying laughing!

Here is, yet another comment that, yeap you've guessed it, will never make it to my blog. But I will share excerts with you for your enjoyment. And nope, not scared or ashamed as it claims. Frankly, I am exhausted and tired of this childish back and forth crap by ignorant individuals who do not see they they've executed the same exact things they bash me for doing.

How do they not see it? I'm fully admitting to my issues, yet somehow, they are free and clear of all wrong doing? Yet they persist in hounding me and making false claims and slandering me left and right. I merely stay to myself and update my blog from time to time, of course for you enjoyment and my sanity. LOLOL

Ok, here we go. This ought to be fun for all!

"You know as well as I do that you made that phone call to harass. You had just wished death to that person before you called her home." Hmm.. maybe I did, but Woody brings out the worst in people who deal with her. For instance, KH, do you realize the type of person you've turned into here? Hateful, evil, mean, and confrintational all for what? What are you getting out of this? I've never lied about that ONE phone call or that ONE email I sent her.

" 'I have never been terminated and I surely haven't lost 4 jobs in the last 4 months' - DO YOU READ? I never said you lost all 4 jobs within 4 months because I know it's happened within the this last YEAR. If this fact is indeed FALSE - then you need to talk to the federal investigator becasue not only did he disclose this information but he also called you 'an obvious nutcase.' " Wow, so many handles I don't know who's who anymore, how do you keep up my dear? So, you didn't say it but you've continued to perpetuate it and that is a crime! As for being terminated, still a false statement on your part! That I can prove and will in a court of law. I hope the weather is nice for my trip to Oregan.

"Lets also talk about the police man that called you a liar and Craig himself calling you a 'nutter.' " Ok, lets talk about it? What do you want to discuss? What did I lie about, eh? Sure, I called Woody, ONE time! I never even got to speak to her, she hung up like the coward she is! Oh and as for Craig calling me a 'nutter', ok, I've always admitted to being a little off, so what? He is the least of my worries, since you've both used his forum to wreck havoc on my life, he'll be named in this suit as well. That ought make things interesting.

"I dare you to post this comment as well as the other one, in full and unedited." LMAO! Dare all you want too, throw out there a triple dog dare even. You still are so not worth this effort I am excuding, it's beyond me what you are gaining from this other than making yourself look more and more ignorant as YOU go along! Me, I am seriously stupid for bothering with you and Woody. Now or even in the beginning. I can't believe I've let this go on now for nearing a year! Well, not for much longer my dear.

"As for the blog being reported, you know and I can prove that you have had to edit your previous posts to be rid of personal information." Yeap, true. I had to edit, but I made that decission on my own and had done that way before Google(Blogspot Host) emailed me about it. So, what's your deal? If was your claim that my blog would be removed that I was addressing, not the fact that I edited. I have that right to make what ever changes I feel necessary. You still claim that I'll lose my blog and we both know it didn't happen the first time you and Woody made that claim, and it's not going to happen this time. My posts are well within the TOU!

"Lie all you want ..." Yeap, I'm the one lying. Yeap, I made ONE phone call to Woody. Yeap, I emailed Woody ONCE! Yeap, I phoned your Employer 5 times and emailed your employer 5 times in one day. Yeap, that was me! You are full of crap! You and I and everyone else knows I never bothered ANYONE else on CL the way you and Woody have done me! You two are the mental cases. You two are the ones who continue this, while I make every effort to ignore you and be rid of this stupid childish crap! It is YOU TWO WHO CONTINUE THIS ONSLOUGHT!!

"I'd love to see the emails saying that I thought it was Woody." Oh, you will dear. But only in a court of law. I have nothing to prove to anyone else outside this situation.

Okay, this one doesn't make sense to me, but I'll post it anyway. LOLOL "You sit there and ADMIT on your blog that you do in fact post personal info of others - WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS OKAY? It is NEVER okay. EVER." Not sure who you are speaking to here, yourself or Woody? Yet it's something you might want to heed, both of you! Sure, I've posted personal information, YOUR NAME, WOODY'S NAME, and the cities you two live in. HOWEVER, I have never offered anyone any more personal information on the two of you. Unlike yourself and Woody have done often! What I had, I never shared openly with anyone! Oh yeah, I confirmed the information a few came to me with, but they already had it. I either said Ye or Na. LOL

"Because you are a crazy b*tch?" Don't know why you possed it as a question, when I've often admitted to it! Silly child! As for coming to Oregan, oh yeah, I'm making plans now and I'll see you in court. Not that I expect to gain financially from either of you, I just want this stupid shit to stop! And if that is what it takes to make it happen, then so be it!

So, scared or ashamed; No, not likely. Not of anything I said or did on CL in relation to the two of you. What I am embarrased about is the fact that I allowed you and Woody to turn me into a hateful person. I value humanity, appearently far more than either of you two do, and yet, you've helped Woody to create a monster. That I am ashamed of, for it's not truly who I am. As I'm sure, you are not this Monster you've turned into. Too bad neither of us will ever know the true person(s) behind this exaggerated drama!

Threatening someone Using the Federal Government

It's been said that a Federal Investigation was conducted against me, brought on by my STALKER. They've also repeatedly mentioned the Staffing agency I worked for, as well as the company that hired me. Know this, threatening and harassing someone via the internet with a false statement indicating the Federal Government is a crime!

Well, I've been in contact with both the legal department and the HR department of both companies, as has my lawyer. And no one ever spoke with a Federal Investigator or made false statements to the effect that I was 'terminated'. If they had, I could have sued them both and been very well off! So, the postings made on CL have been passed via lawyers to both companies and I'm sure action will be taken. At least I can only hope they'll step up and clean their name from this childish trash going on here.

My current lawyer has begun to work with a Lawyer in Oregan as well. I might be taking a trip out to Oregan, I've heard it's nice out that way. Oh well, I hate this has taken this turn.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wow.. I've offended my NAIVE STALKER

And you wouldn't believe who it is? Nope, not dear ole Woody, but Knuckles. She thinks I'm the stalker, following people from forum to forum, name calling, bashing, harassing and STALKING!

Here are excerts from her post to my previous posting.

"You are a very sick, sad & pathetic individual." Yet she can instagate arguments and follow folks from forum to forum and NEVER post her indiscretions. Nope, not KH, she never does a thing wrong!

"It is YOU who makes calls to someone's home, harasses by email, wishes DEATH and/or HARM to others, violates Fed. Government regulations and government contractor computer access to be on CL, to enable your sick addiction." True, I made 1 phone call to see about resolving like adults this situation that has gotten out of hand. Yet the SINGLE individual I phone hung and then called the MCPD and both of us were chidded for behaving like children and told that we were wasting their time.

"Your online activities have been investigated by a federal agency, the investigative agent is the one who has revealed that you have been "TERMINATED" from your temporary agency jobs FOUR TIMES ALREADY..." This statement couldn't be more false than if she created it herself. What a shame she has no idea what she's talking about. I have never been 'terminated' and I surely haven't lost 4 jobs in the last 4 months. If the above statement were true, I'd not hold the position I do currently. Pretty sad if you ask me all the work these 2 put into my life, wish I had that kind of time.

"You've just been flagged & reported again to Google and you will be required to remove this post. Oh such a shame!" This my dear won't happen, just like it didn't happen the first time you and that 'dog' of yours Woody tried to get my blog removed!

"Everything you accuse others of doing is a lie - but in fact what you yourself do." So, it was I who phoned your employer? I don't think so missy, didn't feel good did it to have to explain your actions on CL? Now you know how I felt when Woody harassed via email and cell, my boss. Keep this up and your employer will hear from my lawyer!

"It is YOU who sign people up for porn, magazines, AND PERSONAL INFORMATION SO THAT OTHERS WILL JOIN IN YOUR HARASSMENT --" I still have your very first few emails privately too me stating the Woody was the one doing all this TO YOU! And I've had others confirm it's happened to them as well. I posted Woody's out-dated photo from the 70's and I never posted her address or phone number, unlike she did. I merely stated her name, your name and the cities and states you both live in. You truly are niave and I do so feel sorry for you.

What a sad world this individual lives in. I was taunted into an argument a week or so ago in 4914 and gave in out of sheer frustration. But I do not STALK or FOLLOW folks from forum to forum only giving out HALF OF THE INFORMATION. KH, why not post all your handles, and all of Woody's handles, all what? 100 or more of them? How many email accts do you have to manage them. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the childishness.

It would seem you and Woody both are getting banned and 'shutdown' about as much as the rest of us are. Take the hint, Craig is as tired of you, as he is of me. Get on with your life, please for the sake of your children and your poor animals. Leave me to mine and I'll do just fine without you. I assure you. And if I'm such a miserable failure, why do you bother with me? Truly a sad individual you are.

Craigslist STALKER Still At It, thanks SK of SS, MD

Wonder why you post in the forums only to find your handle deleted for NO GOOD REASON ? Ever heard of a TROLL, well the CL STALKER is far worse than a Troll could ever hope to be. Especially if you become HER target.

And what is the saddest part of all this, this STALKER was by far the worst individual of all on CL. She'll'google' your name, find your personal information and post it on CL for all to see. It's been said she'd sign you up for Porn and other adult sites using your email address. She's signed folks up for magazines. She's passed photos and phone numbers and mailing addresses out to others who have done far worse to a target. She's even phone employers and made attempts to get people fired from work.

Yet, you retaliate and she's calling the police on you or threatening a Federal Investigation for Internet harassment. She has nothing better to do with her life than spend 12 to 14 hrs (personally admitted too by her hand) on CL flagging and STALKING from forum to forum folks she does not care for. She'll post in grey and there's nothing wrong with it, but yet, you post in GREY and you are hiding from Craig.

She can spew foul names, poke fun at your family and make snid comments; yet you come back at her or her 'girlfriend' and you get flagged and sent to Craig. Of which I'm sure poor Craig has to be super tired of hearing from this mentally insane individual, because he's been removing her just as much as he's been removing other violators of the TOU. He might actually be far more tired of her than me. Which would be nice for once.

Most know her as Woodysknickle or Woody(SK of SS, MD), but she has managed to create nearing 100 handles and a dozen or more emails to deal with the banning by Craig and staff. I'm a favorite target of hers. That bit about the employers, I've been a target there, as with the Federal Investigation threat. She's a total nutcase and deranged is not a strong enough word to charcterize this individual.

She started out as a Pet Flagger, then turned into an Anti-Pet Flagger, and then changed back and now is back to being an Anti-Pet Flagger. She has one known niave follower by the name of Knucklehead (KH) (AA of Oregon) who felt the sting of an employer getting a phone call from what I hear. That couldn't have been pretty. I know mine wasn't. Too bad, you play with fire you are bound to get burned.

Well, that is enough ranting for now. I'll post again about SK or Woody sometime this week. I'm tired of this childish crap. I've vowed to leave her alone, yet she can't let me go. Aww.. I love to be loved so passionately! Thanks SK. *hugs to you*