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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wow.. I can't believe I've not found the time to worry

About any of this crap still being played out within the CL Forums. Staffie imposters, how flattering; my very own stalker, geee whizzzz.. lol How did I get so lucky?! :D

And someone who's apologized to me more than once in an IM/PM (instant message/private message) promising to let 'a dead dog lie.' But I guess what ever secret she claims to have about me is just sooo juicey she feels the need to taunt, use foul language and 'change her mind' as often as I hope she changes her panties.. If she wears any.

With this new job, I've found myself on the net all day, but not able to have fun. It's awesome! I hosted/moderated my very first small Conference yesterday, so I wasn't around for even my friends. Sorry ladies.. :( I did miss the gossip. :D

This weekend is moving furniture and washing walls, windows and the dogs. :D Anyone want to help out? I sure could use it. lolol Next weekend is a WWII Re-enacting event at Sully Plantation in Chatilly, VA. I'll be a 'vintage_biatch' lol all dressed in yellow and my man, a German/Austrian Gebiregs soldier. He's so handsome.

I'll post a few pics when we get them developed.. Ok, out for the night.. KH, if you truly have something, how about sharing it with me. Or hell, post if here as a comment.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still being threatened

What is with this sad senile individual? Do they really believe that they have that much power over my life? Are they really that poor that they feel I've got just enough to share with them? How are they supposed to get it, they can't even get across the street?

It's sad, this person is still allowed to post, stalk, taunt, and abuse CL Forum goers, and CL does nothing about it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Craig preventing folks from posting

Wow, running a publically policed community and he has the nerve to request folks stop posting to his forums. That or he'll contact their ISP. Give me a break... This man must be playing a deck short a few cards.

I'm still receiving threats against my job security. Someone must still think I work for GSA. Too bad they aren't smart enough to figure out I've changed jobs. As for continuing to email my boss, he's not overly concerned. So, stop bothering the man.

It's a shame some people have nothing better to do with their time.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

CL OutCasts Yahoo forum

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Back to Craigslist and the drama there.

It seems that there are forum 'lurkers' still pledging the forums set-up by those who only wish to have a good time. I call them lurkers at this point because they fear showing their true selves, which most of us have already seen first hand.

They are allowed to behave any way they choose, posting personal information, hounding Craig daily, making threats, taunting, and what happens to them, NOTHING! Craig bans those who simply say 'Hello' and make an effort to hold a decent conversation.

He has the nerve to ask that I stop posting to CL, yet allow certain old individuals to continue to haunt his board for what ever reason. He'll threaten forum goers with contacting their ISP if they continue to post during the day. He's on the search now for a GSA employee who I suspect he's going to make an attempt to get fired.

For a public board, granted privately owned, and is supposed to community policed, he is out to get a group of individuals who had the balls to stand up to a two-faced old bat who still to this day, continues to make idle threats and taunt others into confirntations with her. Allowing her behavior to continue.

I'm considering setting up a Yahoo group for the ladies I've met through CL. Which are some pretty amazing ones if you ask me. Sure, we've had our differences, and they've taunted me, called me names, but hey.. we all act a little childish from time to time when there is a bully present. Someone we think we want to impress, and then find out later that you can't impress a slightly insane individual.

Friday, June 23, 2006

If money was your objective to begin with ...

I hate to tell you lady, YOU'LL NEVER SEE A DIME OF MY MONEY. I don't have any, I live paycheck to paycheck and half of those bounce.

So, you continue to harass me and stalk me and expect to win a huge amount of money from me, the only person here who's gonna get anything is your lawyer. And it aint gonna come from me!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who's Stalking who here?

This morning, upon arriving to work, my employer informed me of his recent conversations with Woody. Oh yes, she's taken to stalking me employer; 8 emails in one day, several phone calls to his cell phone demanding he force me to publically apologize to her.

Just who is stalking whom? The emails she forwarded display ONLY my posts in the CL forums, and half of them have been edited to show me a far bigger monster than I really am.

She's stated that I've called her several times, when in fact, I've phoned once, and by the time I told her who I was, she hung up the phone. I've emailed her once, she's labeled it as threatening and harassment.

She's contacted as well regarding my Blog. She's making demands on Blogger now. WOW, this woman, who can't even cross the street, has some balls!! :D

"------ Forwarded Message
From: s********
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 19:31:21 -0400
Cc: ,
Subject: urgent matter - account termination required-due to
Harassment and serious violation of Google TOA

As per telephone discussion with Google Operator #1:
In direct violation of the Member Conduct Terms of Agreement:
"MEMBER CONDUCT :You agree to not use the Service to: (a) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; This is to notify you that a blogger, (Kerri Baker--Marshall Virginia) is using your site to defame and harass me. She has gone so far as to
enter a blog with my name, location AND PHOTO.

She has called my home, posted threats on and sent a threatening email to me.. The Craigslist posts and her email with source info is included below.

Upon receipt of her phone call last night,, Craig Newmark instructed me to call the police immediately, which I did. Craig requested and was provided all relevant information, posts, links and email. to contact the Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department.

Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department
4th District
Officer Bryan Dyer
Event report # P060190085 - re: Kerri Baker - "threats, harassment,

After viewing the information provided below, including her blog entry: " Woody, the Leopard spotted Anti-Flagger"

Officer Dyer called Ms. Baker to inform her that she should never Again contact me, post anything about or to me, or it will become a criminal police actionable offense.

She denied having called and or sent the email - to which Officer Dyer informed her he has evidence to prove otherwise. Today, Ms. Baker, in direct violation of the police officer's order,
Has now posted my photo, name and location on your site:

This is pure defamation and harassment - all in direction and severe Violation of your Terms of Service.

Craig Newmark has informed Ms. Baker that she is never to use the Craigslist site again as a result of her having been banned at least 15 times for The same activities on his site. Craig identifies that although she is Using AOL - she is connecting through a US Government site (GSA) - which in one of The following posts she self identifies - including a phone number.

You are requested to immediately terminate Ms. Bakers account and Remove this blog.

The following is sent as evidence of her threats and intentions to use My personal information:

Your immediate attention and reply is requested."

Using all these posts, I'll be looking through CL to find all her initiating posts to me. She is the aggressor after all here. She can dish it, but can't accept it when it's thrown right back at her.

If you are at all interested in some pretty good reading material. Drop me a line, I'll gladly provide your the emails she sent to my employer. He was happy to get them off his computer. You can see right off that she's edited my posts. And not one of her posts are listed, with the exception of "THREATS DOCUMENTED! 5/10 13:54:05"

Well.. I'm done for now.. I'll continue later with this. I've got a lot of reading to do and surfing CL for her half of all these posts. I would suggest to 'whomever' is reading this blog, you cease and desist the stalking, leave my employer alone or the Fauquier Co. Magistrate will get involved, and it won't be a mere 'incident report'.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

To the Concerned Comment Poster ...

Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for the concern you showed me. I know, without a doubt, there are good people out there. It's sad, that a monster like Sheryl K. can cause such havoc and be allowed to run rough shod over a PUBLIC/Privately owned Forum such as CraigsList.

As for the harassment and continued attacks by Woody, no ma'am, at least not out in the open as before. She is still out there on CL though, that much I do know. She is still continuing to email and phone Craig, possibility daily for all I know too. All the negative points that all the old forum goers are now seeing appear are quit possibily Woody as well.

What is so sad about this whole thing is, Woody found me via a mutual forum board. Element Owners Club. My original handle was LmentalMastiffs, the same one I use for the EOC. Woody was Chusakaandme. "respectfully edited by request."

So.. as seemingly childish is all this is, Woody will always be there, she has nothing else to do but be online and torment folks who have the balls to stand up to her terroristic tactics.

Take care of yourselves, be proud of being a FREE Thinkers and don't let anyone, anyone with a few screws short of a full tool box, tell you how to live, behave or who to speak.

And always have the courage to protect yourself against vile nasty busy bodies!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sheryl K. - Woodysnickle on CL

Ok, your snide comment about the file # and MCPD contact info has been posted.

However, I've spoken with your Officer Dyer. Nice man, concerned for both our mental states at this point. He also said that two grown woman behaving such as this is a waste of Police resources!!

I guess where we need to go from here Sheryl is pretty obvious. You leave me be and I'll leave you be. Fair enough? Why not just step away from CL for a time and rethink your whole outlook on life. Why not work on that phobe of yours. That might keep you pretty busy.

Enjoy your solitude Woody.

Malicious Woody

Wow.. There has been a commit made by Woody. She's offered up the Report #, along with a name and number to the officer who called late last night. Appearantly his shift is from 3PM to 1AM.

I will verify this and follow up with the Fauquier Co Sheriff's Dept. I'm speaking with the Magistrate tomorrow and will likely be issuing an Order of Protection. It's appearant that her bahavior is only appropriate for her and no one else.

She can make contact, make threats and push buttons, but no one else can. So.. S.K., if you are reading this. Enjoy while you can.

Woody, the Leopard spotted Anti-Flagger

Ever heard the old saying, 'A leopard can't change is spots,' or 'that's a horse of another color.' Hear your mom or granmom say it about someone you thought was a friend, someone you considered to be truthful and honest? They probably said it to warn you to stay away from a person like that.

People who behave one way, then show you who they truly are by behaving another, are people to be leary of. For instance, this foul and unscrupulous Anti-flagger or flagger or self appointed Policing system of CL, Woodysnickle. You probably know her as just Woody. She has Craig Newmark's personal phone number and probably personal email at that. No, not the one we all get,

She started out as a flagger, and a pretty abusive one at that. Posting personal information of several people who stood up and opposed her terroristic tactics, myself to be included in that. But, what I have to say first is this. I was dumb enough in the first place to put it out there for her to find. Then again, I am an adult and have nothing to hide about who I am or who I choose to associate with or who I volunteer with, etc. So, I don't blame anyone for her actions, other than her.

Recently, she's made it her lifes work, "12 hours a day policing CL" to make CL forums work the way she feels they should. I said she started out as a Flagger; well, she jumped over to being an Anti-flagger and now has jumped back to being a flagger. Hmm.. tells you someone may not be playing with a full deck of cards. She has almost as many handles as she does email addresses. She has the knowledge to change her IP address when one is banned by Craig or staff.

She can be overly aggressive and foul mouthed, abusive and threatening and yet, you stand up to her and you get banned by Craig or staff. She is the only person who is allowed to behave that way on CL. At least that is the perception that is being given off by CL Staff and Craig alike.

I had the never to stand up to her. Was not going to be dictated to by some old woman with a phobe of crossing the street. So, she's taken our her anger on me and I've literally driven this woman mad with hate. Which is sad by all accounts. Not something I was working towards. She actually gave the other Anti-flaggers an ultimatium, chat with 'Staffie' and you lose me as a friend.

Can you imagine, ordering your 'internet friends' to stop talking to someone on the internet? LOL Really now, what grade did we do that in? Middle school right? Okay, some of us perhaps did it in High Scholl as well. LOL But this woman is in her 60's for god's sake!

Last night, at about 9PM EST, I received a phone call from some man claiming to be a Montgomery County Police Officer and suggested that I refrain from any more contact with ... 'this person' we were discussing. He never offered his name, not that I caught, and no follow-up telephone number to verify his creditability. In dialing *69, the 'service was unavailable due to the number being outside my service area.' So, that tells me, deal ole Woody had a friend call me.

So.. just be aware of this individual. She's bending Craig's ear an awful lot. And to think, this educated man is allowing it to happen. I often wonder if he's as smart and independent as he's played out to be.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Malicious Flaggers hold no candle to Foul Abusive Anti-Flaggers

Over the course of the last few months, the 'flagging forum' 2626 has been over run with Anti-flaggers. Often times, these Anti-flaggers are so abusive, it's appauling to even read the language that comes from them. Flaggers actually pale in comparison to the behavior of these individuals.

If you are adult and brave enough to post something personal about yourself, they'll take it and surf the net and find out all there is about you that is to be had. They'll taunt you with it, pass it via email back and forth to their 'friends' and even make personal threats against your person and family. Some of them appear to have self-esteem issues; again, brave enough to post a picture of yourself, they bash your appearance, body structure, etc.

The most notorious of all the nastiest Anti-Flaggers was; well, the very reason this originial blog was begun. Yes, this person was a Flagger to begin with. Yet, somehow managing to change her stipes from Flagger to Anit-flagger she had begun to 'take over' and appoint herself' HEAD' of the Anti-flaggers.

They were creating secret forums, using code to direct those 'trusted friends' to hop over there and discuss their strategy for thwarting the Flaggers and those opposed to even their behavor. At one time, 'Barbeque' was an obvious code word. And in fact, it was the demise of the this so called 'group'.

Unbeknowst to an innocent bystander, they offered to bring potato salad to this 'Barbeque', and the "monster" flipped out accusing those 'trusted friends' of inviting someone that was not approved by her. How utterly awful, aint it all? :D

This forum is a huge pain in Craig's backside. Handle banning, IP banning, and all this just isn't working. Things are beginning to crumb in that room. Mental states are being questioned, especially that of the 'head' of the clan. She has openly admitted to spending 12 hrs a day on CL 'policing' in her own way, her own agenda, the way she feels the board should be run.

Truly sad! All of it!