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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Emotions running deep today..

Althought today was filled with love, friends and family, it's also a sad day for me. Don't know why really.. but it's a day that feels like a good cry would help both physically and emotionally.. Every have one of those?? Naaa.. never mind..

Anyway, started the day with rollers in my hair, ever try sleeping with those bitches in your hair? OMG!! lolol My hair really didn't turn out the way I wanted it. If you've ever seen a 'Paige boy' do from the 40's; well, that didn't happen for me.. LOL oh well, live and learn. Dressing in my pretty vintage yellow chaffon day dress with backseam stockings, a vintage 40's bra with absolutely no give.. lol but it was cool, and my cute vintage hat with matching yellow gloves.

I met my folks and my sister and nephew in Warrenton and we headed for Sully Plantation for the morning to visit with Joe and his crew of WWII German Geibergs Yager(sp) soldiers and some American and Russian soldiers for a Day of Living History. It was a fun morning, Mason loved the planes, we were in the flight path of Dulles Internation Airport. He also loved the mock 'live' fire the soldiers did. He loves loud noises. Smiles for days and lots of hand clapping, and playing in the dirt today as well. :D

Spending time with my mom and dad and sister was nice too. We talked, walked around, and sweated like pigs this morning. LOL So off to Applebees for lunch and then to Fair Oaks mall to walk around and kill time. Stopped at Aunt Annies for pretezels and a slurpy, Mason loved my orange-creme slurpie. :D He loved the water feature in the center of the mall, and he's a people watcher. Loved to just sit and watch the passer's by.

Well, here comes the moment of weakiness on my part. I hate saying good bye, especially when I know it's because I won't be seeing my sister or nephew till this time next year. Can't really afford a ticket to Alaska and they aren't due to return 'state side' with the Air Force till 2008. So, it was a little hard today to say good bye knowning that it truly was a good bye. So, I had a weak moment, I cried.. It felt good though, once I got in the car, rolled the windows down and turned the radio up really really loud! lolol Ponytail and favorite blue ball cap and driving fast made it all feel that much better.

Knowning that I have a terrific family, supportive in all I do, and totally loving, is awesome! I know not everyone in the world is as lucky as I am. Not only with just my family, but friends too! I don't think I could ask for more, even if given the chance.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I won't be apologizing to anyone! EVER!!!!

As for demanding these grown woman 'control' someone they've never met, how much more ridiculous can you be? And I won't be controlled by anyone! You have a problem with me, come at me and leave them out of it!

What did you hope to gain by posting someone else's photo? Really now, how childish can you be? And making threats. Really now? Your husband won't be the only one in the family to spend time behind bars you keep this up.

As for caring about what these grown woman feel about me, their opinion of me, I don't care. So, you continuing to make demands on them, you'll only end up alone as your puppet master has found out. Alone and craving that attention by taunting and posting vile comments and threats to someone elses blog.

Oh, your blog, btw; lame!! You created it only just today? Give it a rest, you are no author, you have nothing anyone really wants to read and as much as I'd love to make a post there, you and your puppet master aren't worth my time.. So.. enjoy your sad, sorry excuses for lives.. the both of you..

Happy July 3rd, the 4th is tomorrow ...

What are you plans for tomorrow? We will be attending the Great Meadows 4th of July celebration.

I could get so much done today, but I could also stand to spend a little time at work today. I could get things done without phones ringing all day long.

Well, while I sit here contemplating my next move, I have Atlas at my feet, and Angus is tormenting Kacie in the living room. What a wild little man he is. So full of life and energy, he'd get along well with my nephew.

I do hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. I'm off to phone my sister, it's her 31st birthday today. Enjoy your day and and I hope to chat with you guys later today. Take care of yourselves, there are monsters and eviliness among us. Sadly.. it's the fate of this world today as we know it.. :(

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rounding out my night ..

What a weekend this 4th has turned out to be. Unable to travel to North Carolina to be with my family, we spent today/night with my husband's family helping them clean out their basement from all the rain/flood waters. What a nasty mess that was. We finished our day with steak on the grill, along with baked potatoes and fresh sweet corn.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so I'll be phoning her and hopfully planning a trip up this weekend before my sister and nephew return to Alaska. My nephew is the light of my life! So smart at this age, so into life and enjoying the simple things we take for granted.

My husband and I will be dressed in our WWII gard and it will be nice to have my family enjoying the Living History event at Sully Plantation. It's a beautiful park, and close to the house, so they won't be in the car all day. Oh, by the way, we portray Germans, yes, you heard me. My husband is a German Soldier. Well, actually, his character is based off a man who was of Austrain birth, loyal to the Austrain Government, yet forced into the German Army or his family would parish. His group portrays Austrian Mountain troops.

This week will be spent on making sure the house is squared away for their visit. I know they won't stay here with us, our guest room is incomplete. I haven't found an antique bedroom set yet that I like or fits the era of my home. I'm also on the look out for an antique iron or wood daybed for our other guest room. Which is currently serving as my husband's 'war' room. It hosts all his signed prints of which my mother framed for him. It plays host to all his re-enacting gear and our gun case with numerous vintage WWII rifles and pistols, all in working order.

The stream out in front of the house this week was beautiful sounding. Rushing with all that rain fall we had. To sit out on my front porch that is 25 x 4 and listen to the stream is a beautiful and peaceful sound. The lighening bugs a night around here are amazing! I can't wait to get my new wicker porch set restored and new seat cushions done. I've had an idea as well, take lattice and frame it out like a picture frame, and using 2 'o' rings and 2 'j' hooks, hang it from the end of the porch that over looks my neighbors house. As a screen sorta.

Evenually, I'll get my porch swing for the front porch, and we'll screen in the back porch and add a hottub. We will have our backyard fenced in, which is over an acre big, I think the dogs will enjoy that! Not having to be leashed walked anymore. We have the remains of the original 'Mill' house as part of our yard. I plan to clean that out and make it a party place. It's cool, and was made originally of stones from the local quarry. There is such history here, I am in love with this peaceful place.

Our black bear family have been spotted recently. The daddy bear pulled my rubbermaid trash can from the back porch and mauled it to get it open, that was a tad bit scarey.. lol The deer are running, and they enjoy my backyard for grazing. I'd love to do a veggie garden, but I'd be afriad to feed the wildlife. lolol :D

Well, I've rambled enough for one evening. I need me some lovin', so I think we'll walk the dogs and go to bed early tonight. Sleep well all... :D

Please do continue to post comments ...

I love this! You are making this supposed official investigation all the more easier for them. They'll see my attempts to escape your loonacy, only to be hounded right back in by your brutal and vicious attacks with more attacks by you.

Anonymous said...
you uneducated ignorant fool - yes, please do share your fathers email with us - let's have him see what a foul mouth evil child he has raised - but of course you are all talk and don't have the guts to have him see what you really are in print! fortunately, others do. and as for Bob, your boss - he will be glad to know of your further lies and misrepresentations.oh and as for the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION -- good to know you think it's a civil matter - it's way beyond a tort action -- remember - your illegal activities are under formal investigation.
8:44 PM

I truly hate to tell you, my boss Bob thinks you are a loonatic! And forwards youre emails to me when his spam blocker fails and they happen to make it to his email. My mouth, sadly, no better than yours was at one point. As for the grown woman my father has raise, with the exception of my ignorant and childish behavior where you are concerned, he'll chastize me for even bothering with this drama.

Please do continue to read! I love knowing you can't let this go. And all I have to do is update my blog with something other than you. Gawd this is great!!

Making threats to inform my father..

How lame and vile can one person get. Official investigation my ass, if you had anything, I would have already officially been informed! Good luck you loon! You are the one who needs help!

You are like a nat on a hot humid day that just won't go away. By all means, I'd love for you to email my father as you did with my employer. My dad, like my employer, will only ignore you and put your emails in his spam bin. As well, chastize me for behaving like a child and tell me that I need to remove this stupid drama from my life.

The problem is, I can't ignore you, I try to and you come back at me. So, who here is stalking whom? Again?! You continually come at me, spending all your lonely time surfing the net for anything attached to my name, or that of my fathers. Where you able to locate his email? I'll gladly give it to you, once I get his permission first, of course. :D :D

Aww.. as for staffie-taffie making the ISLE, I'm just heart broken, can't you tell? Craig's dick taste good? I hope so, cause that is the only way that moron is helping you do anything? I hope his flight in is worth the money he's spending.

Official investigation my ass! Why not take this to Judge Judy? Or could you handle the ridicule she'd lay down on you? I could, lets give it a shot? I'll email Judge Judy with our little problem, and examples, and see what it gets us? You could ride up with me in my custom Orange Honda Element. :D :D

How much more delusional can one person be?

This was posted anon, go figure, hiding because you don't have anything against me to begin with!! If the 'best' was 'yet to come', then fucking drop it on my doorstep bitch! You haven't anything but a loss of mental capacity!!

Anonymous said...
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It is a sad sad mind that can't leave a dead dog lying...

This person has gone so far as to STILL surf the net for anything to do with me. Regardless of what it is or what it relates to. And they have the nerve to call me sick and suggest that I seek help.

I think they might ought to stand in front of the mirror a while longer, as opposed to in front of the computer monitor.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wicker Repair, what an undertaking

I purchased last night, for a virtual steal, a set of wicker furniture. A loveseat, 2 chairs, and a small table. All white, but it needs some help. I'm going to take this project on myself. I will first attempt to wash down and get off as much of the flaking old paint as possible. Then I'm going to make an attempt to fix the legs of the loveseat and chairs.

Well, wish me luck. I also have to figure out some way to keep the neighbors feral cats down off my furniture as well. I'll post pics of the furniture before I begin, in the middle of and when I finish. :D

Lions.. Staffie.. Ivor.. What the heck are you thinking?

Wow.. Why is it that a person can disassociate themselves with CL without being dragged back in by the likes of Woody and KH? Why do I even bother caring anymore? What great secret is this that they claim to have?

That I'm this Lion's person merely because this guy from Manhattan, NY uses emots as well? OMGG, heaven forbid someone else be a happy person and decides to use emots such as, :D ;D etc.

Really, now, do you ladies not have anything better to do with your lives? Give it a rest. I have yet to get 'paper's or be visited in person by a local sheriff's deputy. So, either shit or get off the pot!!