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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jeepers, a year and 9 months since last I updated

2009 for me was filled with loss, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through 2009. In August we lost of our 11yr old English Mastiff Atlas. It was a loss I took hard, but he lived a long and happy life with us.

We moved from Marshall in October of 09 to Linden and a nearly brand new raised ranch with a 2 car garage. SWEET! No more wood stove for heat and AC in the summer. We are now on the side of Blue Mountain in the Shenandoah Mountain range.

By November of 2009, I was pregnant with my son Camden. The name belonged to Joe's Grandfather on his mother's side. I actually know very little about the man and the only memory Joe has of him was he wasn't very nice.

By Christmas, my family knew we were expecting our first child and while they were all apprehensive and scared for me, they were excited at the same time. Fingers were crossed for a little girl, but that wasn't to be. LOL

2009 ended with that preverbal Split in the road for me. That split I had never imagined I'd encounter in my life time. When life changes, it changes BIG TIME doesn't it?!

We brought in the 2010 in high fashion, at my best girlfriends house in Lorton. Andi had just returned state side from Italy. I met Andi while attending Ansbach High School on Katterbach Kasarne in Ansbach, Germany.

It was Andi and my sister Emily who set the Baby Shower for June, didn't realize just how close they were cutting it either. LOL

Camden was due in August 9, 2010 and arrived July 11th, 2010. He ended up spending a week in the NICU, but those ladies and gentlemen were AMAZAING! He is now a very healthy and extremely happy 9.5 month old, weighing in at at nearly 20lbs.

I'm still unemployed and not sure when I'll go back to work. I have started a 2 year degree program at the local community college in Computers and I should be starting back up with classes in the Fall of this year.

Our hands were tied when Angus, our little red nosed, red/fawn brindle APBT at age 6, wouldn't settle and appeared to be a danger to Camden. So we consulted both our Trainer, the Rescue group he came from, and our Vet. The decission was made to help him crossed over.

My mother came up and stated with Camden that fateful day in September and Angus and I took a ride through the country side like he liked. I sat with him the entire time, I rocked him, cradled in him my arms and cried. Out of all my loss the year before, it was this loss I felt the hardest. I felt like a failure. I promised I'd never be forced to choose between a human child and my canine children and I was.

I'm going to end this update here for now. I have soo much more that needs to be put to the preverbal paper (blog) and I'll work deligently to stay up on my life.

Mother's Day is this SUNDAY, May 8th, what are you doing for the MOTHERs in your life?

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