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Friday, August 25, 2006

Owners Accountable for Dangerous Dogs

As well they should be held Accountable for THEIR dog's actions! It is them who teach or lack there of, the dog it's behavor.

This blog; written by a local Virginia Lawyer, makes for fine reading on the topic. I'd rather vote for a law that holds the HUMAN responsible, than vote for one that lumps all of one breed regardless into one catagory for distruction.

"On Sunday, one pitbull got loose in Monroe Park and attacked at least five people, causing puncture wounds from the dog's teeth. Witnesses at the scene told police that the dog was not provoked and just went "wild". The owner admitted to one reporter that this dog had been known to attack. Notwithstanding, he decided to take this dog for a walk without a muzzle or any special chain."

The above individual should be sued by those biten by his dog. He was at fault souly, he failed to train his dog properly or 'walk' it properly. But in the end, HIS dog will be put down or was. Due to the Ignorance of this poor dog's owner, he pays the Highest price of all! His life!

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