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Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's a Beautiful late Summer Day!

It's been awhile since I've done this. I would prefer to be far more diligent at it, but you can say Life sorta gets in the way. Since my sister and nephew left in July for home in Alaska, I've traveld home to Williamsburg, I guess twice now. Not as often as I'd like to though.

I've done some volunteering in that time as well, home visits for families looking to adopt and I've even surfed through CL and offered up some advice and info for those looking for help with a new pup or a rescued animal.

I've since taken the choke collar and the prong collar off Angus and we are using a Halti. You'd think I was trying to murder the poor pup with this thing the way he behaves, but he's coming along nicely, wish I had stuck to it the first time. :( Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20.

The job I took in May with a small software company is moving right along. Bob is so genuinely nice and it's hard to think I'm preparing to accept a much better, salary wise, job offer with a far more prominant Government Company in the area. BUT, family has to come first and as much as I am enjoying my current job, the money just isn't there to live like I have grown accustom to.

Wow, that last statement just really sounds lousy to me. I would have never thought there would be a 'style' or a 'quality' of life I just had to live within. I hadn't ever seen myself as a 'uppy individual'. But I guess you can't live on love and family alone.

I'm hoping to have some new pictures of the family here soon. I'd like to post a few here. Angus is growing like a weed and Kacie and Atlas need updated photos taken of them as well. I think once the weather begins to truly turn, I'll have Joe set up his tripod and see if we can get a good group photo outside in the backyard.

Joe is getting ready to celebrate his 33rd birthday on August 24th. I've managed to get 2 of his WWII prints framed thanks to my mother; who btw, is an amazing 'master' framer. She owns her own business and works for MWR on Fort Eustis, VA. The one he has wanted done for a while was of him taken by Rob Gibson of Gettysburg, PA, and is of him holding a vintage WWII machine gun 'laying in wait' to ambush WWII vintage troops at the corner of a 'house'. This photograph was taken with a working vintage 1940's camera and produced in B&W and inlaid on an old German magazin cover called 'Signal'. I'll see if I can capture a shot of it and post here it.

Well.. got a busy weekend ahead of me.. I'll update more later.. Have a wonderful weekend all..

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