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Friday, March 23, 2007

East Coast Element Meetup in the Works!!!

Anyone who is a fanatic about their E knows all about the Element Owners Club or the EOC online. The EOC is nearly 16,000 members strong and growing every day.

EOC held their 1st National Meet in East Liberty, OH. A sort of 'Coming Home' for the Element. The Honda Factory greeted us, hosted a luncheon for us and then shared an afternoon of great conversation and photo opts. *I'll update with photos later this week* That was June of 2005.

Last year the National Meet was held in St. Louis, Missiouri, where they attended a ballgame at the new stadium and visited the St. Louis Arch just to name a few things. Oh, and during the 1st Meet, a group called the "Misfits" was created, I've heard the storied that came out of the 2nd Meet and they can't be repeated in public. LOLOL
This years National Meet is being held in Las Vegas, NV - Sin City and I can say without a doubt, any Misfits attending this year, Oh Lordy the stuff that will go on in a city whose moto is "What happens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas". LMAO! :D

So, since this 3rd Annual National Meet is pretty far away for us East Coasters, we've began work on setting up a East Coast National Meet. Really, anyone is invited to attend. The more the merrier! I'll update as things move along, but for anyone interested, here's the link to the EOC board:

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