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Monday, March 26, 2007

Super Pet Expo

This past weekend was the Super Pet Expo in Chantilly, Virginia. We've gone every year for the past 4 yrs, with or without a dog. LOL

This year, as with last year, we took Angus, or Little Man.

He didn't do as well this year as he did last. But then he's coming into his own and can be pretty intense as far as a Pit bull can go. He LOVES people, but is becoming unsure about other animals. :( We had hoped he'd be just a normal Pittie puppy.

We've already begun the search for a Schutzhund trainer in our area. I don't necessarily want the bite/protection work, but the focus of it's Obedience program, which can be seriously very stern.

I have pictures of the Expo, I'll be updating here tomorrow night hopefully. :D The other half isn't all about snapping photos as I am. I have an antique trunk full to the brim with puppy pictures. :D

I'll update soon on Angus' training as well. He's doing great around the house, still very focused on the neighbor's feral cat population, but we are working on 'leave it' and 'ignore' and he's moving right along. We begin running together here next week, man alive, that dog has more energy than I've ever encountered.

Have a wonderful week and we'll be seeing you later.

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