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Monday, April 02, 2007

Killed in the Line of Duty

Someone I consider a close friend, found out over the weekend their nephew was killed on his THIRD trip over to Iraq! The young man hailed from Amelia County, Virginia.

I have to ask myself, was it truly necessary to send him back a 3rd time?! What purpose does his death serve? What purpose does ANY of their deaths serve?

There was a time I would have stood by my President, there was a time that my Patriotic heart would have demanded to fall beside my brethern. But as the years drag on and there is no relief in site, WHY ARE WE STILL THERE? The true villian has illuded us for so long and STILL killing Americans at a whim.

I have to sit and watch as a very close personal friend will be packing up and leaving this June/July on his THIRD trip to Iraq. Ask anyone, and they'll tell you I am one of the most patriotic people they know! But I'm not sure where to stand on this any longer.

Other than stand behind our Men and Woman in the Armed Forces and support them!! Remember, THANK A VETERAN, they are the reason we live the way WE CHOOSE TO! They are the reason this is the COUNTRY to live in!


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