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Monday, April 02, 2007

On a lighter note

Friday evening the new Pit Bull Play Group I started using Google Groups had it's first meeting. Unfortunately, only 2 of us showed up, but it was good. Angus displayed some unsavory intentions and it gave me a good foundation once we begin working with the trainers out in Strausburg, VA.

Saturday for me was spent with my sr. gal-pal Kacie and doing the 'Inspection' and 'DMV' thing. Aw gawd, that sucked majorly!! But Kacie was a hit at the Honda dealership! I should have washed the E yesterday, it was sooo nice out.

Sunday we got up and did the trash run and then I went riding again. I was hoping to get pictures this time, but once I got my chaps on and was saddled up and ready, I realized I didn't have a fresh roll of film with me. Darn!! :(

Sunday evening was spent with family and good friends. I groomed Lovely while Joe and Chris worked on a Truck and then a Trackor. Race was on so we were torn between outside and the race. LOL Once done there, we headed back over to Joe's family's place for dinner and good conversation. I love his SIL, she's awesome!

We managed to get through the day without any rain, it was nice! But the storm that hit us last night about 1:30 was furious to say the least. The lightening lit up the house and scared the crap out of poor Angus. The Thunder was just as henou and shook the house and windows and that scared Angus even more. Thankfully, it only lasted about an hour. So I sat up with Angus cuddling him and coo'ing at him to calm him down.

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