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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Emotions running deep today..

Althought today was filled with love, friends and family, it's also a sad day for me. Don't know why really.. but it's a day that feels like a good cry would help both physically and emotionally.. Every have one of those?? Naaa.. never mind..

Anyway, started the day with rollers in my hair, ever try sleeping with those bitches in your hair? OMG!! lolol My hair really didn't turn out the way I wanted it. If you've ever seen a 'Paige boy' do from the 40's; well, that didn't happen for me.. LOL oh well, live and learn. Dressing in my pretty vintage yellow chaffon day dress with backseam stockings, a vintage 40's bra with absolutely no give.. lol but it was cool, and my cute vintage hat with matching yellow gloves.

I met my folks and my sister and nephew in Warrenton and we headed for Sully Plantation for the morning to visit with Joe and his crew of WWII German Geibergs Yager(sp) soldiers and some American and Russian soldiers for a Day of Living History. It was a fun morning, Mason loved the planes, we were in the flight path of Dulles Internation Airport. He also loved the mock 'live' fire the soldiers did. He loves loud noises. Smiles for days and lots of hand clapping, and playing in the dirt today as well. :D

Spending time with my mom and dad and sister was nice too. We talked, walked around, and sweated like pigs this morning. LOL So off to Applebees for lunch and then to Fair Oaks mall to walk around and kill time. Stopped at Aunt Annies for pretezels and a slurpy, Mason loved my orange-creme slurpie. :D He loved the water feature in the center of the mall, and he's a people watcher. Loved to just sit and watch the passer's by.

Well, here comes the moment of weakiness on my part. I hate saying good bye, especially when I know it's because I won't be seeing my sister or nephew till this time next year. Can't really afford a ticket to Alaska and they aren't due to return 'state side' with the Air Force till 2008. So, it was a little hard today to say good bye knowning that it truly was a good bye. So, I had a weak moment, I cried.. It felt good though, once I got in the car, rolled the windows down and turned the radio up really really loud! lolol Ponytail and favorite blue ball cap and driving fast made it all feel that much better.

Knowning that I have a terrific family, supportive in all I do, and totally loving, is awesome! I know not everyone in the world is as lucky as I am. Not only with just my family, but friends too! I don't think I could ask for more, even if given the chance.

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Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

I couldn't get past "backseam stockings, a vintage 40's bra". I am still paralyzed with gitty of seeing that. Wouldn't mind being tied up with them stockings. Can you email me a picture of you wearing them? Oh lord the devil is working overtime on this sweet Sunday. GET BEHIND ME SATAN. I love you gal. Thanks for the sweet image I will carry for the rests of the day.