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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lions.. Staffie.. Ivor.. What the heck are you thinking?

Wow.. Why is it that a person can disassociate themselves with CL without being dragged back in by the likes of Woody and KH? Why do I even bother caring anymore? What great secret is this that they claim to have?

That I'm this Lion's person merely because this guy from Manhattan, NY uses emots as well? OMGG, heaven forbid someone else be a happy person and decides to use emots such as, :D ;D etc.

Really, now, do you ladies not have anything better to do with your lives? Give it a rest. I have yet to get 'paper's or be visited in person by a local sheriff's deputy. So, either shit or get off the pot!!

1 comment:

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

Can I touch your pot?

Fancy that them old evil hags have all that time on thier hands to go searching through all the fourms looking for you. They are truly obsessed with you. With that pretty smile and long luscious legs I understand why you have stalkers online. Staffie they envy you that is why theys doing all this. They could never be the woman you are and its killing them. YOU BEAUTIFUL RAY OF SUNSHINE.