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Sunday, July 02, 2006

It is a sad sad mind that can't leave a dead dog lying...

This person has gone so far as to STILL surf the net for anything to do with me. Regardless of what it is or what it relates to. And they have the nerve to call me sick and suggest that I seek help.

I think they might ought to stand in front of the mirror a while longer, as opposed to in front of the computer monitor.


Anonymous said...

as weak a reply as you are in life!

the best is yet to come

Life and the road less Traveled said...

then fucking bring it on! Bitch!! You haven't any damn room to come at me! If you have something fucking drop it on my doorstep! STOP WITH THIS FUCKING CHILDISHNESS!! You retarded old hag!!! If you had anything, I would have been served papers already or been visited by my local sheriff's department. Which hasn't happened and won't, since you can't get off your fucking couch!!

Anonymous said...

oh it's so much better to watch you implode -

oh by the way, does your "hero" father know yet about your many craigslist personalities and vile posts?

surely he should be informed!

but then again, one would assume once the official investigation is completed,he will be in the know!

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

Staffie reading you curse like that just turned me on. I wants you to dress in patent leather and curse at me!!!! As for you Anonoymos cough woods cough you are a wrinkled bitter rotten apple. You look like you have been embalmed. I have seens decomposed bodies that looked better than you. You gibbering idiot! You are as interesting as a slug wittering about in salt. Get over Staffie already you pathetic loser. It's obvious you never leave the house. You are always online you ugly half-wit. How many times are you going to milk that dog to get clstaff to do your bidding you evil dried witch.