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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Making threats to inform my father..

How lame and vile can one person get. Official investigation my ass, if you had anything, I would have already officially been informed! Good luck you loon! You are the one who needs help!

You are like a nat on a hot humid day that just won't go away. By all means, I'd love for you to email my father as you did with my employer. My dad, like my employer, will only ignore you and put your emails in his spam bin. As well, chastize me for behaving like a child and tell me that I need to remove this stupid drama from my life.

The problem is, I can't ignore you, I try to and you come back at me. So, who here is stalking whom? Again?! You continually come at me, spending all your lonely time surfing the net for anything attached to my name, or that of my fathers. Where you able to locate his email? I'll gladly give it to you, once I get his permission first, of course. :D :D

Aww.. as for staffie-taffie making the ISLE, I'm just heart broken, can't you tell? Craig's dick taste good? I hope so, cause that is the only way that moron is helping you do anything? I hope his flight in is worth the money he's spending.

Official investigation my ass! Why not take this to Judge Judy? Or could you handle the ridicule she'd lay down on you? I could, lets give it a shot? I'll email Judge Judy with our little problem, and examples, and see what it gets us? You could ride up with me in my custom Orange Honda Element. :D :D


Anonymous said...

obvioulsy you can't read either - not "threats against" your "father" - just advising that he will know about your ILLEGAL online activities once the OFFICIAL investigation is completed - oh and yes, it is in process!

Anonymous said...

perhaps your lack of higher education prevents your ability to read correctly. It's much more likely though, that your lies get in the way of reporting truthfully.

In order to assist you in properly understanding the written English here it is again:

"oh it's so much nicer to watch you implode - oh, does your hero father know yet about your many craigslist personalities and vile posts?

surely he should be informed! but then again one would assume once the official investigation is completed, he will be in the know!”

No where is there any "threat" - just the facts! And yes, an OFFICIAL investigation is in process for your illegal online activities.

Add "staffie-taffie" to the very long list of banned handles - posts of which Craig has so rightly placed in the Isle of MISFIT Threads.

Anonymous said...

my dear Staffness,

Methinks you have encountered "people fulla caca", to put it mildly.

IF there was any kind of 'legal proceedings' of ANY kind, whether it be along the lines of a restraining order *eye roll* of actual police reports that might be filed, these people (aka: your stalkers and those obsessed with your every move) are in violation themselves. ANY lawyer and/or peace officer would have told these people that "stalk" you (for lack of a better word) that any future contact with you (IE: posts to this very blog with threats, comments, etc) would violate ANY claim they have against you.

You have a following of insignificants that deperately need to get a life.

The rest of us adore you to no end...

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog-author:

Have you read all those comments? Somebody is obsessed with your blog! And not in a good way either! Have you reported it to

I have never seen anything like this, whoever it is is SCARY!!! Do you know them? Be careful!

Anonymous said...

you uneducated ignorant fool - yes, please do share your fathers email with us - let's have him see what a foul mouth evil child he has raised -

but of course you are all talk and don't have the guts to have him see what you really are in print! fortunately, others do. and as for Bob, your boss - he will be glad to know of your further lies and misrepresentations.

oh and as for the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION -- good to know you think it's a civil matter - it's way beyond a tort action -- remember - your illegal activities are under formal investigation.

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

Damn, Annoyoums is beyond nuts.
Just when I though she couldn't sink any lower she proved me wrong.

Furthermore no one would let her suck it. Or shall I say gum it. Her face is all sunken in like she is a toothless crow. I bets she puts her dentures in her dogs mouth. If she hads access to suck anything she wouldn't be online all day searching every forum for you. I bet when she pees bats fly out. She is a disgusting good for nothing. She isn't good enough to clean up my bloodhounds poop.

Anonymous said...

Staffie is so sexy you are funny! Fortunately for this kind, sane, lovely young woman staffie, she has plenty of friends who have personal e-mails and chats by this deranged individual, showing quite clearly her unfounded and unbalanced obsession with the blogger. All staffie has to do is say the word and ALL information on this crazed wooden individual WILL be sent to the proper authorities. Crazed disabled bitch, you are one. Remember we have COUNTLESS witnesses to your deranged attempts to STALK this poor woman. YOU should be afraid, because if you attempt to hurt her ONE MORE TIME we are giving every single threatening e-mail, statement, etc you have EVER said about her straight to the police. And I hope they put a straightjacket on you and lock you up where you belong.

Anonymous said...

oh kelly tell it your imaginary lawyer friend! i too have each and every email to and from each and every one of you nut cases - all liars and backstabbers - carry on - the best is yet to come fools --

take your idle threats and shove them where your head normally resides -your sophomoric jibberish is recognized as the soft diarrhea of your childish mind.

Life and the road less Traveled said...

What book are you reading to get this stuff from? Because you aren't as smart as you pretend to be. That's obvious to everyone.

And you should talk about lying and backstabbing and being a fool. Oh, and don't forget 2 faced.

Corn in my shit, not even will that matter.. Worthless, and you don't have a thing! If you did, we all know they would have told you to leave it be and let ME make the case for them.

Which you've done famously already.. Just keep it up.. You'll make the news sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't she worry you at all Staffie? A woman this crazy, stalking you the way she is? She is SUCH a freak that she is probably capable of anything- if only she could walk that is. I have decided that motorcycle wreck has left her horribly disfigured- as twisted and ugly on the outside as she is in her heart and soul. Poor creature, you can't even really call it human, can you? All it has to keep it company is its hatred, and its dog. And the dog is old and won't live much longer, then this....... THING will have nothing left but its own jibbering, insane mind. Fingers curled into claws, hunched over the keyboard, cackling to itself like the mindless old witch that it is. Pathetic, truly pathetic. Well you can look at "it" and feel grateful about your own life, how thankful it is to be healthy, and happy, and as beautiful as you are Kerri! Rock on girlfriend!

Anonymous said...