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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Please do continue to post comments ...

I love this! You are making this supposed official investigation all the more easier for them. They'll see my attempts to escape your loonacy, only to be hounded right back in by your brutal and vicious attacks with more attacks by you.

Anonymous said...
you uneducated ignorant fool - yes, please do share your fathers email with us - let's have him see what a foul mouth evil child he has raised - but of course you are all talk and don't have the guts to have him see what you really are in print! fortunately, others do. and as for Bob, your boss - he will be glad to know of your further lies and misrepresentations.oh and as for the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION -- good to know you think it's a civil matter - it's way beyond a tort action -- remember - your illegal activities are under formal investigation.
8:44 PM

I truly hate to tell you, my boss Bob thinks you are a loonatic! And forwards youre emails to me when his spam blocker fails and they happen to make it to his email. My mouth, sadly, no better than yours was at one point. As for the grown woman my father has raise, with the exception of my ignorant and childish behavior where you are concerned, he'll chastize me for even bothering with this drama.

Please do continue to read! I love knowing you can't let this go. And all I have to do is update my blog with something other than you. Gawd this is great!!


Anonymous said...

as a documented pathological liar you should know that your boss Bob emailed thanking us for having made him aware of the kind of individual he had employed -as well as noting that all of the documentation had been forwarded to his HR department for your personnel file -which of course will be available for any future references you might need! anyone who would continue to employ the likes of one with such evil inclinations and foul mouth -receives their just rewards.

alas, once again to the isle of misfilts you have gone! but that's where you belong isn't it = a true misfit - i guess Craig doesn't like you very much, huh?!

Anonymous said...

Being the pathological liar you have proven yourself to be in print - it is left to others to document the facts and truth which you fail to acknowledge.

Regarding your current boss and President of the company, unlike your false reports the fact is shown in his email below:

"From: "Bob ---
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 16:24:40 -0400
To: ---
Subject: RE: Kerri Baker

Emails reveived and sent to HR for review.
Thanks for sending us this documentation."

Bob --
Hot Lava Software, Inc.
V: +1 (540) 253-----
M: +1 (703) 973-----
F: +1 (703) 991-----

HR = Human Resources - on your file -for future references -your own discriminating words, foul and abusive language = to travel with you for life!

Life and the road less Traveled said...

You truly are a daffed individual if you sincerely thing Bob cares what I do in my off time!

As for the HR department, that's his wife's job and we've already discussed your lack of brain cells.

Get your own life. As for my employement, I assure you it is secure! Thanks for displaying to the world your true self. You flippin' lunatic!!!

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

She like a inflamed hemorrhoid. I wish she would just cross the street without looking.
By the way Staffie I looked up at a star tonight and the sparkle reminded me of your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just wish that what you say were true?! Alas, not the case, considering your lies come from a self proclaimed sociopath, who is a documented pathological liar!

As for "Bob" not caring what you do in your "off time" -his companys reputation depends upon that of it's representatives and yours, as documented by your very own words, will follow you wherever you go in the name of his company-which as a businessman, he surely understands. We shall watch and see!

Life and the road less Traveled said...

You don't know when to quit do you? You have no idea that you've stepped from the realm of reality, do you? I'm glad you find me that fascinating that you spend your life worrying with little ole me. In fact, I'm honored.

Do you really think Bob cares what you have to say. Call him, you already have on a number of occasions. Send him more emails, you've done that as well.

Continue to stalk my employer and your 'offical investigation' will be for naught. You will hender it and they'll see straight through you. As we all have.

And you call me a sociopath? You are the one that can't let go. Continuing to post and post and post.. Thanks for the attention..

I'd love a ticket to this nether world you live in. It seems great to get away with what you think you have.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Woody you really are a nutcase aren't you??? Clearly it has been SO LONG since you have had a JOB that you aren't even aware of current laws regarding employment. Even if Staffies employer DOES care and Does put the information your crazy ass has given them in her file, it would be highly illegal of them to make ANY mention of that to ANYONE who called for a reference. For Chrissake don't you know anything? I always knew you were an idiot, hidden away in your cave all day long frantically trying to find information on others, but I wasn't aware you were THAT clueless as to how the real world operates.

Anonymous said...

the best is yet to come!! you are so clueless - it's almost comical. Bob is the least of your problems!

Anonymous said...

"best is yet to come" have you been smoking CRACK??? Don't you know the second that Staffie gets served with ANYTHING (which I highly doubt will happen) the authorities are gonna get an earful from about ohhhh at least 7 individuals, along with proof, of YOU stalking and posting HER personal info? 8 to 1, how do you like them odds? Methinks this whole thing is going to backfire on you horribly. Which is good because you are one of the most evil people on the face of the planet. You have poison in your soul. If there is a Heaven you are most definitely not destined to go there.

Anonymous said...

the best is yet to come! stay tuned folks . Daddy will be so proud of you - NOT!

Life and the road less Traveled said...

It must really kill you that you aren't the most important thing in my life.

Well, from here on out you won't even be a piece of corn in my shit. You will be the least of of my daily worries.

You just aren't worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

If Reagan hadn't closed the nuthouses back in the 80s that's where Woody aka Sharon would be.

The woman is sick.

I have seldomly seen individuals as disturbed as she is.

Kerri, I feel sorry for you since Woody knows who you are and where you work.

I think Woody needs a nice big padded room and a nice big jacket with very long sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Waah... my name is Woody and I don't have a life waaaaah. I spend my days licking my dogs asshole because that is the only thing that will let me near it.. waaaah. I sulk behind my computer because I have no life...waaaaah. I can't cross the street by myself .. waaaaaah.

Life and the road less Traveled said...

Her name isn't Sharon.. But you are close.. As it doesn't matter whether or not she knows where I live or work, she'll never be able to do anything about it in person.

So, I have little worry. Thanks for your concern though...

Staffie will Rule forever!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D