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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wow.. I can't believe I've not found the time to worry

About any of this crap still being played out within the CL Forums. Staffie imposters, how flattering; my very own stalker, geee whizzzz.. lol How did I get so lucky?! :D

And someone who's apologized to me more than once in an IM/PM (instant message/private message) promising to let 'a dead dog lie.' But I guess what ever secret she claims to have about me is just sooo juicey she feels the need to taunt, use foul language and 'change her mind' as often as I hope she changes her panties.. If she wears any.

With this new job, I've found myself on the net all day, but not able to have fun. It's awesome! I hosted/moderated my very first small Conference yesterday, so I wasn't around for even my friends. Sorry ladies.. :( I did miss the gossip. :D

This weekend is moving furniture and washing walls, windows and the dogs. :D Anyone want to help out? I sure could use it. lolol Next weekend is a WWII Re-enacting event at Sully Plantation in Chatilly, VA. I'll be a 'vintage_biatch' lol all dressed in yellow and my man, a German/Austrian Gebiregs soldier. He's so handsome.

I'll post a few pics when we get them developed.. Ok, out for the night.. KH, if you truly have something, how about sharing it with me. Or hell, post if here as a comment.


Anonymous said...

I like the new blog design!

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

You just made me depressed by mentioning your man. My heart just broke in a 100 pieces. But the thought of you dressed in yellow like a luscious lemon begging to be squeezed just made me smile. You will be more beautiful than the sun. YOU SWEET RAY OF SUNSHINE! I think that is my new nickname for you.

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

I see nasty old bitter woods just cant leave you alone. I think the bottom line is she wants you. I have never seen anybody this obsessed over a person in my life. Now I may have made your picture into a screen saver and kiss it every it everyday BUTS I don't stalk you over the internet. I just profess my undying love for you. Woods the line forms behind me for Staffie! She don't want your bitter old putrid ass. You bitter old hag. I bets you still wearing them 1978 glasses that they used to wear on Chips. Oh I loves that theme song. They can play it at Me and Staffies weddin.