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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

To the Concerned Comment Poster ...

Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for the concern you showed me. I know, without a doubt, there are good people out there. It's sad, that a monster like Sheryl K. can cause such havoc and be allowed to run rough shod over a PUBLIC/Privately owned Forum such as CraigsList.

As for the harassment and continued attacks by Woody, no ma'am, at least not out in the open as before. She is still out there on CL though, that much I do know. She is still continuing to email and phone Craig, possibility daily for all I know too. All the negative points that all the old forum goers are now seeing appear are quit possibily Woody as well.

What is so sad about this whole thing is, Woody found me via a mutual forum board. Element Owners Club. My original handle was LmentalMastiffs, the same one I use for the EOC. Woody was Chusakaandme. "respectfully edited by request."

So.. as seemingly childish is all this is, Woody will always be there, she has nothing else to do but be online and torment folks who have the balls to stand up to her terroristic tactics.

Take care of yourselves, be proud of being a FREE Thinkers and don't let anyone, anyone with a few screws short of a full tool box, tell you how to live, behave or who to speak.

And always have the courage to protect yourself against vile nasty busy bodies!


Anonymous said...

we see you were caught in yet ANOTHER LIE -which Tom (owener of Element Owners Club made you retract!

continue with your published defamation - it's all been documented.

Life and the road less Traveled said...

Nice to see you still read Sheryl Katzman ^^^^^.

As for what was said, I didn't lie about anything. I retracted it out of respect for Tom as a dear friend. One I'll see this July in St. Louis!

He made the request last night and I said surely. Now that you've gone and put his name back out, I'm sure he'll just love that.

Oh, how was your IM conversation with him last night? Uhmmm?

As for public information, You put ALL of mine out there, I've never put anything more than your name. So.. defamation my ass. Fine, document it, but for every time I post to MY OWN FUCKING BLOG, you follow-up with a post.

This is the first 'comment' I've left directed straight at your sorry retarded ate up ass.

Anonymous said...

Kerri you are such a pathetic liar:

to "Tom - is this your quote to Kerri Baker?"

his reply:

"She has removed that from her blog at my request. Those are not my exact words and things were taken out of context. So, I apologize for that"

as for you delusion that he or anyone else is you "dear friend" he replied:

"Also, while I know her from the forum and from last year's national meet, Idon't know Kerri all that well."


Anonymous said...

Dear Staffie,

Your link to the BBQ is wrong. The BBQ is at 3963. See you there!

Woody grow up and get some balls. Stop hiding behind other people you pathetic excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

Woody if this is you which I assume it is. With as Crazy and looney you are do you honestly believe that this Tom is going to tell you Oh yes you are a crazy bitch? Do you think he wants you harrassing him again? Its obvious how you operate. I think if I were Tom I would deny it too just to keep you off my ass. Kerri has many friends i'm sure enemies too but I would be willing to bet she has far more friends than you ever dreamed of having. Take your pathetic sorry ass to a psychiatrist and get some help. YOU ARE THE ONE WITH NO FRIENDS.

Anonymous said...

You Go Girl. One thing I would like to say is the reason woody changed sides was because the flaggers would not even except her abussive flagging or her constant harassment of them , And her constantly trying to controll the flaggers she also tried the dont talk to so and so crap with them it did not work. She was rebuffed by the flaggers REJECTED, The flaggers tried to warn the anti flaggers about the sanke in the grass and they would not listen about what a snake she is . The flaggers even went so far as to make secret forums to escape woody and were condemed for it . now the anti flaggers have had to do the same thing. and the flaggers do not want her back she will forever have to hide who she is on cl no one wants anything to do with her.