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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Woody, the Leopard spotted Anti-Flagger

Ever heard the old saying, 'A leopard can't change is spots,' or 'that's a horse of another color.' Hear your mom or granmom say it about someone you thought was a friend, someone you considered to be truthful and honest? They probably said it to warn you to stay away from a person like that.

People who behave one way, then show you who they truly are by behaving another, are people to be leary of. For instance, this foul and unscrupulous Anti-flagger or flagger or self appointed Policing system of CL, Woodysnickle. You probably know her as just Woody. She has Craig Newmark's personal phone number and probably personal email at that. No, not the one we all get,

She started out as a flagger, and a pretty abusive one at that. Posting personal information of several people who stood up and opposed her terroristic tactics, myself to be included in that. But, what I have to say first is this. I was dumb enough in the first place to put it out there for her to find. Then again, I am an adult and have nothing to hide about who I am or who I choose to associate with or who I volunteer with, etc. So, I don't blame anyone for her actions, other than her.

Recently, she's made it her lifes work, "12 hours a day policing CL" to make CL forums work the way she feels they should. I said she started out as a Flagger; well, she jumped over to being an Anti-flagger and now has jumped back to being a flagger. Hmm.. tells you someone may not be playing with a full deck of cards. She has almost as many handles as she does email addresses. She has the knowledge to change her IP address when one is banned by Craig or staff.

She can be overly aggressive and foul mouthed, abusive and threatening and yet, you stand up to her and you get banned by Craig or staff. She is the only person who is allowed to behave that way on CL. At least that is the perception that is being given off by CL Staff and Craig alike.

I had the never to stand up to her. Was not going to be dictated to by some old woman with a phobe of crossing the street. So, she's taken our her anger on me and I've literally driven this woman mad with hate. Which is sad by all accounts. Not something I was working towards. She actually gave the other Anti-flaggers an ultimatium, chat with 'Staffie' and you lose me as a friend.

Can you imagine, ordering your 'internet friends' to stop talking to someone on the internet? LOL Really now, what grade did we do that in? Middle school right? Okay, some of us perhaps did it in High Scholl as well. LOL But this woman is in her 60's for god's sake!

Last night, at about 9PM EST, I received a phone call from some man claiming to be a Montgomery County Police Officer and suggested that I refrain from any more contact with ... 'this person' we were discussing. He never offered his name, not that I caught, and no follow-up telephone number to verify his creditability. In dialing *69, the 'service was unavailable due to the number being outside my service area.' So, that tells me, deal ole Woody had a friend call me.

So.. just be aware of this individual. She's bending Craig's ear an awful lot. And to think, this educated man is allowing it to happen. I often wonder if he's as smart and independent as he's played out to be.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say ... That is one Fabulous entry you just made on your blog. I enjoy reading all of your comments and updates. Keep up the good work. You have broken no laws so why on earth would a police officer call you anyways? Sounds to me like good ole woody was up to her same tricks. How Pathetic.

Think i'm going to go order pizza now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that phone call sounds suspicious to me. If it was really the cops, they would have given you a name, and really put the fear of God into you to get you to stop doing whatever you were doing that was illegal.

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

No cop called you, she would have to have way more than one phone call to get the authorities to do anything. You have to keep detailed logs of every call with a exact time so that the phone company can find the calls.

And, the cops don't call you to tell you to stop doing something illegal, they knock on your door, a phone call is a joke.

Seems that this person is just trying to intimidate you by using a friend to pose as a police officer. Now that is against the law, perhaps you should turn her in.

Anonymous said...

bet you won't publish this:

Montgomery County, (Maryland) Police Dept.
District 4
Office Brian Dyer

event repot #P060190085 for threats, harassments, stalking by Kerri Baker.

Anonymous said...

wow. how old are you guys again?
grow up both of you and walk away.
you each seek the attentions of the other. know this and walk away.

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

Staffie I LOVE YOU! You sexy thang! Old woods is jealous of your charming persona and sparkling eyes. You should enter the miss universe pageant I am sure you would win. You pretty doll you!

Life and the road less Traveled said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Do you realize just how much I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!! and I don't even know who the hell you are!! And don't care!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D