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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sheryl K. - Woodysnickle on CL

Ok, your snide comment about the file # and MCPD contact info has been posted.

However, I've spoken with your Officer Dyer. Nice man, concerned for both our mental states at this point. He also said that two grown woman behaving such as this is a waste of Police resources!!

I guess where we need to go from here Sheryl is pretty obvious. You leave me be and I'll leave you be. Fair enough? Why not just step away from CL for a time and rethink your whole outlook on life. Why not work on that phobe of yours. That might keep you pretty busy.

Enjoy your solitude Woody.


Anonymous said...

HA HA! Tell her Staffie! Woody looks like you just met your match and LOST! Doesn't it make you feel stupid when someone outsmarts you? I hope you have learned a lesson here. You just got your A** WHOOPED On the internet! Staffie where ever you are in this big world. Thank you Thank you Thank you for putting this miserable being IN ITS PLACE! It was about time. I'm still laughing that she called the cops. She can dish it out but can't take it. So sad too bad.

Anonymous said...

Are you and Woody both rabbis? Because when I Google each of your names, some of the hits I come up with indicate rabbis who share those names.

Kind of a weird coincidence.

I think you two were joined together in a past life, and that's why you're unable to let go of each other in this one.

The interesting thing is that it might not have been a negative joining in the past life. It just happened to work out that way this time because you each still have a lesson to learn.

Anonymous said...

Words of a wise man, "Chill!" - Craig Newmark

Anonymous said...

Tell that to Woody! She has been begging for this for a very long time now. She deserves every bit of it. Staffie with all the harrassment and abuse you have taken from this vile woman its about time you stood up and shoved her in her place. Lets just hope she stays there.

Anonymous said...

Well, Staffie's no angel herself! LOL!

But what the hey. If she wants to fight this fight, more power to her!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Life and the road less Traveled said...

To the Person who was belidgerant enough to curse at Craig, I've removed your post. Feel free to repost, but please refrain from the foul language. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Don't you review comments before they get posted?

When I posted a comment here before (I'm NOT the one who swore at Craig), I got a message saying that it would be posted after review by the blog's moderator.

Life and the road less Traveled said...

^^^ Yes, I do moderate my comments. It was late last night and I was pretty much approving comments without reading.

It was not until this morning that I read that particular comment.

Anonymous said...

do you really care who swears at craig? he is banning everyone! does he own this site as well?
are you afraid of him?

Life and the road less Traveled said...

^^^You asked if I'm afraid of Craig. Why on earth would I be afraid of him. He's allowing Woody to bend his ear constantly.

He can't find the balls to uphold his own TOU. Or prevent behavor such as Woody's on CL.

I just merely thought with all this immaturity happening around here, why bother allowing the nastiness of that statement.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Dear Staffie,

Has this woody person harrassed you any further since the recent events of the phone call? I greatly admire your courage to stand up to this monster. I can only hope that she has learned her lesson and will not continue to harrass people like she has done. I was just curious if this has changed things at all?