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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Malicious Flaggers hold no candle to Foul Abusive Anti-Flaggers

Over the course of the last few months, the 'flagging forum' 2626 has been over run with Anti-flaggers. Often times, these Anti-flaggers are so abusive, it's appauling to even read the language that comes from them. Flaggers actually pale in comparison to the behavior of these individuals.

If you are adult and brave enough to post something personal about yourself, they'll take it and surf the net and find out all there is about you that is to be had. They'll taunt you with it, pass it via email back and forth to their 'friends' and even make personal threats against your person and family. Some of them appear to have self-esteem issues; again, brave enough to post a picture of yourself, they bash your appearance, body structure, etc.

The most notorious of all the nastiest Anti-Flaggers was; well, the very reason this originial blog was begun. Yes, this person was a Flagger to begin with. Yet, somehow managing to change her stipes from Flagger to Anit-flagger she had begun to 'take over' and appoint herself' HEAD' of the Anti-flaggers.

They were creating secret forums, using code to direct those 'trusted friends' to hop over there and discuss their strategy for thwarting the Flaggers and those opposed to even their behavor. At one time, 'Barbeque' was an obvious code word. And in fact, it was the demise of the this so called 'group'.

Unbeknowst to an innocent bystander, they offered to bring potato salad to this 'Barbeque', and the "monster" flipped out accusing those 'trusted friends' of inviting someone that was not approved by her. How utterly awful, aint it all? :D

This forum is a huge pain in Craig's backside. Handle banning, IP banning, and all this just isn't working. Things are beginning to crumb in that room. Mental states are being questioned, especially that of the 'head' of the clan. She has openly admitted to spending 12 hrs a day on CL 'policing' in her own way, her own agenda, the way she feels the board should be run.

Truly sad! All of it!


Anonymous said...

This person you are referring to was a flagger and when the flaggers got sick of her crap and tossed her out on your old, ugly ass. The nice, sweet, kind anti-flaggers took her in, they made her feel welcome and forgave her for her past sins against them. They allowed her to be a part of their fun loving crowd, but that wasn't enough for the mean, wicked, scheming, witch, she wanted to boss the kind, nice, sweet Anti-Flaggers around, she wanted to control who they could talk to and who to flag and what to say when they did flag. The Anti-Flaggers finally got sick of being bossed around and when it came down to her saying we couldn't talk to the owner of this blog, and its either her or me. The nice, sweet Anti-Flaggers stood their ground, they refused to allow her to dictate to them any longer.

Now the evil, wicked, witch has ruined all the fun in Forum 2626, the room is no longer filled with laughter, whenever anyone posts in there, the mean, evil witch immediately emails Craig with 911 in the header and gets everyone banned.

We can only hope that one day Craig will see the evil, mean, nasty witch for what she is. Maybe one day he will see that she has 100 handles under an equal number of email accounts. Maybe one day he will see that it is her, the evil, mean, lonely old hag, that baits all the posters in 2626 and then gleefully laughs when they are banned.

Maybe one day Craig will get smart.

Anonymous said...

This evil cackling old witch has serious issues. She was one of the biggest flaggers there ever was on CL. She threatened people and provided personal information. She slandered them in Craigs Forums. Then for some reason all of the sudden she flipped sides and became an anti flagger over night. The anti flaggers took her in and forgave her of her sins. Then she became very controling making demands that each anti flagger must 911 craig every time the owner of this blog came into the forum even if it was just to say hello. Anti Flaggers became tired of this and mearly told her that they would not honor these demands she laid out. She left as she came Overnight she turned on the anti flaggers and took one with her. She now only has one friend/ follower. Now her mission is to keep every anti flagger off of CL. By sitting on the side lines and sending all posts to Craig with 911 in the subject line. What happened to the Animals? I thought we were here for the pets? This heartless person does not care. Anti Flaggers are fighting the good fight to let pets get the homes they deserve and this heartless person just does not care about that. Its all about having control. I often wonder what is REALLY going on with her and Craig to have him allow her to have so much power over what stays and what goes on his Website.

Anonymous said...

"She now only has one friend/ follower."

It's kind of weird who that one friend/follower is, too, don't you think? Considering their history. I think that friend/follower has a very low self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad about "that one". I personally miss "that one". I really liked her and I don't think "that one" is following Woody. As far as I know, "that one" has went off on her own which is how "that one" always did things to begin with. Please let's leave "that one" alone. If "that one" is reading this - please email me back! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think you are one to talk Staffie

Life and the road less Traveled said...

And yet, you ^^ still hide behind that Anonymous label. I'm sure you aren't any better than anyone else.