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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still being threatened

What is with this sad senile individual? Do they really believe that they have that much power over my life? Are they really that poor that they feel I've got just enough to share with them? How are they supposed to get it, they can't even get across the street?

It's sad, this person is still allowed to post, stalk, taunt, and abuse CL Forum goers, and CL does nothing about it.


Anonymous said...

Staffie, Hun.

U alright? You sound a little off in this post. Drunk maybe?

Life and the road less Traveled said...

LOL..early morning post before leaving for work. I did sound way off.. Thanks for the concerned & the heads up; I make the spelling and grammar corrections..

Staffie-is-so-Sexy said...

What did you wear to work? Fish net stockings? Please tell me. I will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

What did she threaten you with now? I will kick her yellow bellied ass.