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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Malicious Woody

Wow.. There has been a commit made by Woody. She's offered up the Report #, along with a name and number to the officer who called late last night. Appearantly his shift is from 3PM to 1AM.

I will verify this and follow up with the Fauquier Co Sheriff's Dept. I'm speaking with the Magistrate tomorrow and will likely be issuing an Order of Protection. It's appearant that her bahavior is only appropriate for her and no one else.

She can make contact, make threats and push buttons, but no one else can. So.. S.K., if you are reading this. Enjoy while you can.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I gotta give you a high five for that one.

You got some balls there sweetie...


Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is Staffie! I commend you for all you have been through with this person. What an evil being.

Woody? If you are looking. How does it feel? The truth hurts doesn't it. Too bad you had to go stab all your friends in the back. "Those who cast stones should not live in glass houses"

By the way Staffie that picture is old. Back in the early eighties before the accident I believe. You know that she is 63 or 64 now.

Off to the BBQ!

Anonymous said...

She called the police on you? Right I'm sure she did. She will most likely try to say posting her name on your blog is against the law too. Correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe this is all PUBLIC information which is listed in any 411 directory. Phone number and all. Just look it up in the online White pages.

Anyone want Pizza? or do you prefer BBQ tonight?