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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Craigslist STALKER Still At It, thanks SK of SS, MD

Wonder why you post in the forums only to find your handle deleted for NO GOOD REASON ? Ever heard of a TROLL, well the CL STALKER is far worse than a Troll could ever hope to be. Especially if you become HER target.

And what is the saddest part of all this, this STALKER was by far the worst individual of all on CL. She'll'google' your name, find your personal information and post it on CL for all to see. It's been said she'd sign you up for Porn and other adult sites using your email address. She's signed folks up for magazines. She's passed photos and phone numbers and mailing addresses out to others who have done far worse to a target. She's even phone employers and made attempts to get people fired from work.

Yet, you retaliate and she's calling the police on you or threatening a Federal Investigation for Internet harassment. She has nothing better to do with her life than spend 12 to 14 hrs (personally admitted too by her hand) on CL flagging and STALKING from forum to forum folks she does not care for. She'll post in grey and there's nothing wrong with it, but yet, you post in GREY and you are hiding from Craig.

She can spew foul names, poke fun at your family and make snid comments; yet you come back at her or her 'girlfriend' and you get flagged and sent to Craig. Of which I'm sure poor Craig has to be super tired of hearing from this mentally insane individual, because he's been removing her just as much as he's been removing other violators of the TOU. He might actually be far more tired of her than me. Which would be nice for once.

Most know her as Woodysknickle or Woody(SK of SS, MD), but she has managed to create nearing 100 handles and a dozen or more emails to deal with the banning by Craig and staff. I'm a favorite target of hers. That bit about the employers, I've been a target there, as with the Federal Investigation threat. She's a total nutcase and deranged is not a strong enough word to charcterize this individual.

She started out as a Pet Flagger, then turned into an Anti-Pet Flagger, and then changed back and now is back to being an Anti-Pet Flagger. She has one known niave follower by the name of Knucklehead (KH) (AA of Oregon) who felt the sting of an employer getting a phone call from what I hear. That couldn't have been pretty. I know mine wasn't. Too bad, you play with fire you are bound to get burned.

Well, that is enough ranting for now. I'll post again about SK or Woody sometime this week. I'm tired of this childish crap. I've vowed to leave her alone, yet she can't let me go. Aww.. I love to be loved so passionately! Thanks SK. *hugs to you*

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