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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blind and Niave! This is killing me! I'm dying laughing!

Here is, yet another comment that, yeap you've guessed it, will never make it to my blog. But I will share excerts with you for your enjoyment. And nope, not scared or ashamed as it claims. Frankly, I am exhausted and tired of this childish back and forth crap by ignorant individuals who do not see they they've executed the same exact things they bash me for doing.

How do they not see it? I'm fully admitting to my issues, yet somehow, they are free and clear of all wrong doing? Yet they persist in hounding me and making false claims and slandering me left and right. I merely stay to myself and update my blog from time to time, of course for you enjoyment and my sanity. LOLOL

Ok, here we go. This ought to be fun for all!

"You know as well as I do that you made that phone call to harass. You had just wished death to that person before you called her home." Hmm.. maybe I did, but Woody brings out the worst in people who deal with her. For instance, KH, do you realize the type of person you've turned into here? Hateful, evil, mean, and confrintational all for what? What are you getting out of this? I've never lied about that ONE phone call or that ONE email I sent her.

" 'I have never been terminated and I surely haven't lost 4 jobs in the last 4 months' - DO YOU READ? I never said you lost all 4 jobs within 4 months because I know it's happened within the this last YEAR. If this fact is indeed FALSE - then you need to talk to the federal investigator becasue not only did he disclose this information but he also called you 'an obvious nutcase.' " Wow, so many handles I don't know who's who anymore, how do you keep up my dear? So, you didn't say it but you've continued to perpetuate it and that is a crime! As for being terminated, still a false statement on your part! That I can prove and will in a court of law. I hope the weather is nice for my trip to Oregan.

"Lets also talk about the police man that called you a liar and Craig himself calling you a 'nutter.' " Ok, lets talk about it? What do you want to discuss? What did I lie about, eh? Sure, I called Woody, ONE time! I never even got to speak to her, she hung up like the coward she is! Oh and as for Craig calling me a 'nutter', ok, I've always admitted to being a little off, so what? He is the least of my worries, since you've both used his forum to wreck havoc on my life, he'll be named in this suit as well. That ought make things interesting.

"I dare you to post this comment as well as the other one, in full and unedited." LMAO! Dare all you want too, throw out there a triple dog dare even. You still are so not worth this effort I am excuding, it's beyond me what you are gaining from this other than making yourself look more and more ignorant as YOU go along! Me, I am seriously stupid for bothering with you and Woody. Now or even in the beginning. I can't believe I've let this go on now for nearing a year! Well, not for much longer my dear.

"As for the blog being reported, you know and I can prove that you have had to edit your previous posts to be rid of personal information." Yeap, true. I had to edit, but I made that decission on my own and had done that way before Google(Blogspot Host) emailed me about it. So, what's your deal? If was your claim that my blog would be removed that I was addressing, not the fact that I edited. I have that right to make what ever changes I feel necessary. You still claim that I'll lose my blog and we both know it didn't happen the first time you and Woody made that claim, and it's not going to happen this time. My posts are well within the TOU!

"Lie all you want ..." Yeap, I'm the one lying. Yeap, I made ONE phone call to Woody. Yeap, I emailed Woody ONCE! Yeap, I phoned your Employer 5 times and emailed your employer 5 times in one day. Yeap, that was me! You are full of crap! You and I and everyone else knows I never bothered ANYONE else on CL the way you and Woody have done me! You two are the mental cases. You two are the ones who continue this, while I make every effort to ignore you and be rid of this stupid childish crap! It is YOU TWO WHO CONTINUE THIS ONSLOUGHT!!

"I'd love to see the emails saying that I thought it was Woody." Oh, you will dear. But only in a court of law. I have nothing to prove to anyone else outside this situation.

Okay, this one doesn't make sense to me, but I'll post it anyway. LOLOL "You sit there and ADMIT on your blog that you do in fact post personal info of others - WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS OKAY? It is NEVER okay. EVER." Not sure who you are speaking to here, yourself or Woody? Yet it's something you might want to heed, both of you! Sure, I've posted personal information, YOUR NAME, WOODY'S NAME, and the cities you two live in. HOWEVER, I have never offered anyone any more personal information on the two of you. Unlike yourself and Woody have done often! What I had, I never shared openly with anyone! Oh yeah, I confirmed the information a few came to me with, but they already had it. I either said Ye or Na. LOL

"Because you are a crazy b*tch?" Don't know why you possed it as a question, when I've often admitted to it! Silly child! As for coming to Oregan, oh yeah, I'm making plans now and I'll see you in court. Not that I expect to gain financially from either of you, I just want this stupid shit to stop! And if that is what it takes to make it happen, then so be it!

So, scared or ashamed; No, not likely. Not of anything I said or did on CL in relation to the two of you. What I am embarrased about is the fact that I allowed you and Woody to turn me into a hateful person. I value humanity, appearently far more than either of you two do, and yet, you've helped Woody to create a monster. That I am ashamed of, for it's not truly who I am. As I'm sure, you are not this Monster you've turned into. Too bad neither of us will ever know the true person(s) behind this exaggerated drama!

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