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Friday, October 20, 2006

Bullying - CL 4914 Sound Familiar?

Bullying involves the torment of others through verbal Harassment, physical assult (not really revalant in this case as they are too skeerd to venture out and face anyone), or other more subtle methods of Coercion such as Manipulation (oh oh, pick me over her or I'll have you banned by Craig).

Bullying contains four essential elements:

1) the behavior is aggressive and negative;
2) the behavior is carried out repeatedly; and
3) the behavior is purposeful

Bullying is broken into two categories:

1) Direct bullying(neither have the guts to behave this way in public and in front of the person they are directing their actions at.)
2) Indirect bullying, also known as social aggression

Social aggression or indirect bullying is most common to FEMALE bullies and YOUNG CHILDREN (which is exactly what KH and Woody are), and is characterized by forcing the victim into social isolation (this is why they hate me so and continue to stalk and harass me, I refuse to go quietly into the night). This isolation is achieved through a wide variety of techniques, including:

1) spreading gossip
2) refusing to socialize with the victim
3) bullying other people who wish to socialize with the victim (this one backfired on deal ole Woody)
4) criticizing the victim's manner of dress and other socially-significant markers (including the victim's race, religion, disability, etc). **Don't forget family, low lifes with little to do will attack your family because they can't get to you.**

Research indicates that adults who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control or dominate. It has also been suggested that a deficit in social skills and a prejudicial view of subordinates can be particular risk factors.

Further studies have shown that while envy and resentment may be motives for bullying, there is evidence that suggests bullies suffer from a deficit in self esteem.

Types of Serial Bully

The attention seeker: *not sure, but this could be Woody*
Motivation: to be the centre of attention
Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissistic
Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high

The Wannabe: *sounds to me like they nailed KH w/this one*
Motivation: craves respect for being competent and professional despite lacking in competence and professionalism
Mindset: deceptive
Malice: low to medium; when held accountable, medium to high

The Guru:
Motivation: task focused
Mindset: confusion, inability to understand how others think and feel
Malice: zero to low; when held accountable, low to medium (it's often the absence of malice that identifies a guru type of serial bully) but could be medium to high if narcissistic or psychopathic traits are present

The Socialised Psychopath or Sociopath: *Sounds about right for Woody*
Motivation: power, gratification, personal gain, survival
Mindset: manipulation, deception, evil
Malice: high to very high; when held accountable, off the scale

Fighting back:

It is generally accepted that, once under attack, fighting back may be the only means the victim has to defend themselves. Though other sources discourage this approach.

Bullying often takes the form of trying to provoke the target into fighting back so that the bully can claim to be the victimised party and only acting in self defence. This last statement couldn't have been more correct about the actions taken by Woody and KH.

They will continue to see nothing wrong with their own behavior and those who continue to stand their ground are the abusers and the cowards.

Stalking is a legal term for repeated harassment or other forms of invasion of a person's privacy. Statutes vary between jurisdiction but may include such acts as:

- repeated following; *CL Forums*
- unwanted contact (by letter or other means of communication); *trolling my blog repeatedly hoping for some sort of acknowledgement*
- observing a person's actions closely for an extended period of time; or
contacting family members, friends, or associates of a target inappropriately
cyberstalking. *Woody harassing my former employer with phone calls and emails*

Cowardice may be considered to be prudence that does not take consequences to their furthest extent. Someone who attacks a person is also considered a coward. *both Woody and KH at this stage of the game*

The word "coward" comes from an Old French word coart, a combination of the word for "tail" and an agent noun suffix. It would therefore have meant "one with a tail" — perhaps one in the habit of turning it, or it may be derived from a dog's habit of tucking its tail between its legs when it is afraid.

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