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Friday, October 20, 2006

Unpleasant and Miserable People

Ever deal with someone who turns out to be so unpleasant they make the entire experience of knowing them miserable? Make you wish you'd never encountered them, never been nice to them initially, or wishing that you'd never even bothered to acknowledge their exsistance?

Ever try to distance yourself from that person only to find them sitting on your doorstep (chat forum or blog site) just waiting to annoy you, curse you, and berate you for for something they construe to be against them?

This person continues to demand an apology from you and you haven't done anything to them, or you've apologized previously and they so conveniently missed it? You aren't waiting for them, you aren't thinking of them, you aren't even associating with them any longer, yet they continue to harass and stalk you, all the while demanding an apology for your actions?

This is the type of person who uses foul language either directed at you or referring to you all the time, and will name call because they lack the intelligence of finding another solution to the problem. They see you as the problem, not them, not their actions leading up to, or the fact that they've gone out of their way to behave in such a manner and do so publically, yet you are still the problem.

This person can't get over the past, can't let go and refuses to leave you be?

I am currently dealing with just such an imature individual. She continue to hound my blog, trolling the MODERATED comments in hopes that I'll acknowledge her existance by allowing just one single comment through.

She stalks me on a mutual forum, having my handle deleted, accusing other's of being me when actually, I don't even waste time with her any longer. Now, I know what you are thinking, why not just leave that particular forum. Why indeed, I have good friends there; wonderfully funny, friendly, and super awesome friends there. I'd hate to have to give up something I enjoy because someone can't let go?

Well, just a little vent for the day. I'm looking forward to a wonderfully beautiful weekend at the International Gold Cup here in Virginia. A surprise Birthday party for a relative Saturday evening and the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Sunday with friends. Should make for a relaxing and fun filled weekend.

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