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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Threatening someone Using the Federal Government

It's been said that a Federal Investigation was conducted against me, brought on by my STALKER. They've also repeatedly mentioned the Staffing agency I worked for, as well as the company that hired me. Know this, threatening and harassing someone via the internet with a false statement indicating the Federal Government is a crime!

Well, I've been in contact with both the legal department and the HR department of both companies, as has my lawyer. And no one ever spoke with a Federal Investigator or made false statements to the effect that I was 'terminated'. If they had, I could have sued them both and been very well off! So, the postings made on CL have been passed via lawyers to both companies and I'm sure action will be taken. At least I can only hope they'll step up and clean their name from this childish trash going on here.

My current lawyer has begun to work with a Lawyer in Oregan as well. I might be taking a trip out to Oregan, I've heard it's nice out that way. Oh well, I hate this has taken this turn.

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