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Thursday, October 12, 2006

To Think I'd ever post anything from you!

Silly B*tch! You are the one with a problem! As for my financial ability to file a lawsuit; oh I have the money, I have the money and the support of Family should I need theirs too! And hiding I am not! I will file a lawsuit and I will be heard!

I've already spoken with both the Temp Agency and the Contractor I worked for, their Legal departments are involved now! Both you and Woody will reap what you have sewn here! They aren't happy about having their names associated with this stipud crap!

As for your investigator, why not email his contact infor to me? If he truly exsists, I wonder what his Director would say should he have made false statements and produced false documents. I'd like proof you aren't just spewing crap. Which is more likely than not at this point.

You can call me anything you want, especially if it helps you feel better about yourself. Frankly, I'm growning truly tired of your ignorance. And I'm beginning to believe that Woody has actually stepped back from all this. Trying to distance herself, or maybe, she's wised up!

Continue to post here, just not this, it will never make it. Call me scared, coward, what ever helps you to sleep at night. You are nothing to me! And I won't be taunted anymore by you!

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