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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wow.. I've offended my NAIVE STALKER

And you wouldn't believe who it is? Nope, not dear ole Woody, but Knuckles. She thinks I'm the stalker, following people from forum to forum, name calling, bashing, harassing and STALKING!

Here are excerts from her post to my previous posting.

"You are a very sick, sad & pathetic individual." Yet she can instagate arguments and follow folks from forum to forum and NEVER post her indiscretions. Nope, not KH, she never does a thing wrong!

"It is YOU who makes calls to someone's home, harasses by email, wishes DEATH and/or HARM to others, violates Fed. Government regulations and government contractor computer access to be on CL, to enable your sick addiction." True, I made 1 phone call to see about resolving like adults this situation that has gotten out of hand. Yet the SINGLE individual I phone hung and then called the MCPD and both of us were chidded for behaving like children and told that we were wasting their time.

"Your online activities have been investigated by a federal agency, the investigative agent is the one who has revealed that you have been "TERMINATED" from your temporary agency jobs FOUR TIMES ALREADY..." This statement couldn't be more false than if she created it herself. What a shame she has no idea what she's talking about. I have never been 'terminated' and I surely haven't lost 4 jobs in the last 4 months. If the above statement were true, I'd not hold the position I do currently. Pretty sad if you ask me all the work these 2 put into my life, wish I had that kind of time.

"You've just been flagged & reported again to Google and you will be required to remove this post. Oh such a shame!" This my dear won't happen, just like it didn't happen the first time you and that 'dog' of yours Woody tried to get my blog removed!

"Everything you accuse others of doing is a lie - but in fact what you yourself do." So, it was I who phoned your employer? I don't think so missy, didn't feel good did it to have to explain your actions on CL? Now you know how I felt when Woody harassed via email and cell, my boss. Keep this up and your employer will hear from my lawyer!

"It is YOU who sign people up for porn, magazines, AND PERSONAL INFORMATION SO THAT OTHERS WILL JOIN IN YOUR HARASSMENT --" I still have your very first few emails privately too me stating the Woody was the one doing all this TO YOU! And I've had others confirm it's happened to them as well. I posted Woody's out-dated photo from the 70's and I never posted her address or phone number, unlike she did. I merely stated her name, your name and the cities and states you both live in. You truly are niave and I do so feel sorry for you.

What a sad world this individual lives in. I was taunted into an argument a week or so ago in 4914 and gave in out of sheer frustration. But I do not STALK or FOLLOW folks from forum to forum only giving out HALF OF THE INFORMATION. KH, why not post all your handles, and all of Woody's handles, all what? 100 or more of them? How many email accts do you have to manage them. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the childishness.

It would seem you and Woody both are getting banned and 'shutdown' about as much as the rest of us are. Take the hint, Craig is as tired of you, as he is of me. Get on with your life, please for the sake of your children and your poor animals. Leave me to mine and I'll do just fine without you. I assure you. And if I'm such a miserable failure, why do you bother with me? Truly a sad individual you are.

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