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Monday, October 23, 2006

What a Fabulous Weekend

WOW! I had a spectacular weekend! The weather held out and was beautiful both Saturday and Sunday.

I got some sun on Saturday while attending the Internationl Gold Cup. That was fun and am already making plans to attend the Virginia Gold Cup in May with a little tailgating. We watched 3 of the 5 races (I believe there were a total of 5), we saw the US Navel Seals jump in to open the day. Walked Vendors row and I tried on a few pieces of jewelry, WOW! At one point, I was sporting about $8,000 worth of jewelry. This Beautiful Tamaline(sp) Rainbow ring that was 10c and a heart shaped amathyst bracelet that was enormous, but beautiful.

I started the day having my hair put up instead of sporting a hat that day. Which is the posh thing to do on Member's Hill. But not everyone was wearing them. So, I wasn't too far out of the norm.

We finished out the evening with a surprise 60's birthday for Joe's stepdad. What a great group of older people and they could drink better than any young person I know. lolol

Sunday was the last day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, we went, and I didn't dress, and everyone noticed. LOL It was the Day of Wrong, so Halloween abounded that day. There were the Mattrix crowd, Star Wars was there, you has your Prisoner and SWAT guy, and those were just the ones that stood out. The amount of flesh on display that day was incrediable. I put on a corset, working on my garb for next year, and I ended up with a small crowd of men watching as the wench had me lean up against the post and she tightened the thing. Talk about posture correcting! LOLOL Had several nice looking gentlemen offer to buy it if that was all I wear that day. LOL I couldn't help but to blush and gratefully decline.

What a weekend! I ended it by talking to my nephew in Alaska. He said my nickname and told me what sounds a dog, cat, monkey, cow, and duck say. I so miss him dearly and can't wait till he and my sister and bil return home to this contentient.

Have a great week!

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